Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally Married! :)

After almost two years of preps, it's finally my turn to say... We're finally married!!!! :)

Im dying to write my wedding kwento and ratings!! but we're off to el nido tom... i promise to write it as soon as we get back!!!

for the meantime, please visit our wonderful onsite. :)

i love our wedding!!! sobrang saya! may bloopers lang talga! bwahaha :)


Monday, January 21, 2008

exhaustion @ 6 days to go!

the past few days had really went by in a blur. so many things need to be done before D day... im just way past exhaustion. but im still okay. carry pa naman :)

so far, the souvenirs, we've already covered. all swans are in boxes and ready to go. hehe. took us more than 3 days to finally finish everything...

we've already started with the kitkats. so far, based on estimate, we're in our 200th kitkat. hehe. so we still have 100 more to go! you should have seen our work area (which is basically the floor of our entire living room!) we have strategized our work and created an assembly line! sayang lang i wasnt able to take picture coz im so tired to get up. (sakit na butt ko!!!)

we've also covered some of the requirements for the chinese wedding, well only the MOST important parts - dowries are in check, lantern are in place, mirror check also... i dont know what else we need. some new things just seem to pop up every day. (and i thought we were not going to have a chinese wedding!!!)

entourage also had their fitting yesterday... (sorry cant post pic now medyo mabagal kasi connection). im okay with the dresses... not as i expected it to be, but still nice na din. pwede na. :) will post pics as soon as i can.

first dance - we had a choreographer come in today to help us with the dance... hhmm overall, i think it's okay... but im not too happy with it... im planning to change bits and parts of the choreography and hopefully will put in some essence of 'candy' into it hehe.

avp songs - God help me. since lui totally washed his hands clean of any of the decision making for the songs, im having a hard time deciding! good thing mimi suggested that they choose the song for us. surprise daw. im totally fine with that!!! i was really hoping she'd say that...

as for threelogy, i do have a list of songs na. ill send it to them soon. same thing with mimi and karl, if they have other songs in mind, ill be more than willing to give them total free reign! :)

tomorrow, meeting with balay kandila, clarice and josiahs...

OMG... my back is killing me. i better go to sleep na! ciao :)

Wedding Updates - 1 week to go na lang!!!!

list of suppliers muna:

Church: Shrine of Jesus - dp ok
Reception: 1Esplanade - dp and installment ok (will wait for next payment due)
Bride's Designer: Veluz - 50% paid (50%+3.5k pending)
Groom's Barong: Veluz - dp ok
Coordinator: An Event to Remember - dp ok
Cake: Alex Franco - no dp needed
Music: Strings Minstrels - dp ok
Hair and makeup: Eddie Bruan - dp ok
Photographer: Fotogra - dp ok
Videographer: Threelogy - dp ok
Caterer: Josiah's Catering - dp ok
Event Stylist: Balay Kandila - dp ok
Entou Flowers: Mang Boy Mahusay - dp ok
Emcee: Mallory - dp ok
Honeymoon: El Nido Resorts - dp ok
Souveneirs: c/o Auntie Vilma from US and Clique photos - dp ok
Entou gowns: Farely - fitting done!

that's my supplier list so far... here are the pending items (in no particular order):

1. 2nd and final fitting with veluz... have to lose weight na tlaga. seryoso na. :) - had my fitting last december... will have another one right around the corner :) email me if you want to see the photos :)

2. maker of invites - we decided on Unifair Invites... Unifair Invites are cheap but good, that's why we decided to get them. we already selected our invites layout all we have to do is give them the complete details :)

nov: still haven't gotten the proofs yet... hopefully will be able to get them early next month so that when we go back in dec, distribute na lang namin...

jan: we got our invites last january 5... im not too happy with the map that unifair has printed for us... and the quality of some of the invites are not that good... more on this on my suppliers' ratings...

3. look up entou gowns designs we have finally finalized the ento gowns designs and they already went and gotten their measurements taken na din... for the designs, please click here

4. meet with Alex Franco regarding design of cake - finally met with alex and discussed the design and the flavor of the cake... i had so much fun during the meeting! hehe. for the design of the cake please click here

nov: i was able to try the actual cake during the W@W party... sooobrang sarap :D

5. trial makeup with Eddie Bruan - done! the wawies were raving about my makeup! im soooo glad they all loved it. please search my blog for pics ;p

nov: had Eddie do my makeup for the W@W party... lui liked it... i dont like lang the hair, medyo minadali kasi. (more on this on my W@W party kwento coming soon hehehe)

6. prenups with Fotogra - done! please see 'prenups' in my blog for the whole kwento :) also check out www.mimiandkarl.com for the pictures :D

nov: had another set of prenups during the W@W party. sobrang kapagod... will compile all the pics and will post here soon.

7. to clique or not to clique? - we cliqued!

nov: sobrang saya ng clique! si lui nga sobrang tuwang tuwa to think that he wasnt too sold on the idea of having a photo booth before. pero ngayon, go na go na :D

8. final menu for josiah's - done! we finally selected our final menu list from josiahs and had another food tasting with them (pwede isa pa? hahaha) we were also able to get the dessert buffet and the cocktails from them :)

nov: so happy to be able to see josiahs in action. sobrang sarap tlaga ng mongolian bbq nila!!! hehehe

9. final list of entou and principal sponsor - done na din! :) well except for one more ninong... will post the complete list soon :D

nov: finally finalized hahaha

10. final guest list -

nov: errrr....

jan: almost done... almost but not quite. we're targeting to finalize the guest list and the seating arrangements by wednesday...

11. music for on-site video - still choosing... hirap

nov: short-listed 4 songs... will contact bong soon to ask his opinion :)

jan: i sent my list of songs to mimi for her perusal... she replied and asked me if they can make it a surprise na lang. hehe since the songs i chose were already 'gasgas' na daw! hehehe

for threelogy, im yet to send the list. but im also willing to let them choose the song :)

12. send clarice documents for church requirements sent!

nov: had our pre-cana seminar in San Agustin last Nov. 24. also gave my certificate of freedom to marry na din to Clarice... pending na lang docs ni lui and the banns.

jan: finally!!! finally we had submitted all required documents to soj na and were able to pay the balance the din. we also finished our canonical interview na! hayyy... thank you Lord!!!

13. confirmation - done! did it when i went home last june :D

14. music for strings - done! :) we're going for bossa nova hehe

15. event stylist / florist we're getting balay kandila for event stylist!!! so happy :D and of cors the ever famous mang boy for the bouquets :) for pic of my bouquet, please click here

nov: we're expanding! we're getting two halls in Esplanade instead of one. Still balay kandila pa din ang event stylist namin. (of cors) hehehe

16. gifts for principal sponsors - we decided to get cakes from alex franco (smaller version lang ha) plus something else. the cakes we've already ordered, the something else, we still have to find out what hahaha.

17. give-aways - clique photos

nov: auntie vilma from the US sent a mock of the souveneirs that she prepared for our wedding. sobrang touched ako sa kanya as in...

jan: we've finally finished putting each 'swan' into boxes, tie the ribbons and put our stickers on it! hehehe. whew.

18. cocktail menu - done! c/o josiahs!! yipee

nov: will buy choc balls from mustafa to add to the cocktail menu hehe.

19. groom's barong - they'll have the fitting today. hopefully i'll get the sketches from Veluz

20. groom's shoes - lui bought his shoes last december hehe

21. mothers' gowns - fitting today and tomorrow with Veluz! Hopefully ill be able to get the sketches din! hahaha

22. honeymoon - we paid the downpayment na :) we're heading to... EL NIDO! wooohooo!

jan: we still have to pay the balance... i didnt know that we're supposed to pay the balance ONE MONTH before the actual trip... wahhh

23. meet with mananahi for entou gowns (farley of clarice) - done na din although i didnt really meet farley... yung entou lang hehe

24. fabrics for gowns - oki na! lui went to buy the barong fabrics for the ninong and male entou and the shantung fabric for the ninangs naman! :) haha i cant wait for his whole kwento on his divi trip!

25. hotel for preps -nov: we booked Pan Pacific Hotel na... di sobrang bonga pero nice naman :)

26. wedding rings - we bought our goldheart celestial wedding bands! :) will post pics as soon as i get them!

27. emcee - we got mallory! sabi clarice galing daw nya e :)

28. lcd projector - c/o balay kandila

29. charlie's pritchon

30. lights??? - c/o balay kandila

31. ke-tsung requirements

32. save-the-date - nov: dont think we'll have this na... hehe kulang na sa time e.

jan: as a last minute resort, i created our save the dates and sent them to our friends immediately... hehe :)


update as of nov: almost done na... 2 months to go... im excited and at the same time anxious di ko maexplain... almost the final leg na :)

update as of September: almost done!!! kaso we found out that there are a lot of problems with Lui's papers so he had to go back to Manila and go to city hall to process his papers... hopefully they'll come out in time for our marriage license!!! naku po...

btw, we had another wawsg EB, this one in Mitch & Jun's house! :)

the wawsg cast :) (less jon coz he's the one who took the pic! hehe)
for more pics please click here >>> wawies sa sg!

update as of August: we were able to accomplish a lot this month... but still have a lot more to go... sigh... wish us luck! hopefully we'll be able to go home in november...

update as of July: we changed our motif to fall colors. so basically, aside from red and gold, we're adding tangerine and yellow. :) so happy!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

catching up @ 9 days to go

i havent been able to update my blog for the past few days coz i flew back to manila last wednesday and had been running around doing wedding preps

here's a recap on what has been happening for the past few days:

jan 15 - met up with my wawsg friends for dinner... it was the very first time that i felt nervous about the wedding. hahaha dun ko lang nafeel na sobrang lapit na pala tlaga ng wedding!!! kaloka!!! hahaha

jan 16 - flew back to the phils. as soon as i landed my mom told me that we had to go to rob place manila to buy some stuff (yes my mom is talking to me na! hehehe she texted me on tuesday telling me that she's picking me up... hehehe). by 'stuff' she meant things that i have to buy to bring to lui's house! (pillows, towels, etc) haha i was in total shock.. so many things to do pala before you get married!

jan 17 - after my mom showed me the things she already bought as my 'dowry' (which is really a lot! i dont know how we will fit all of them in lui's room!!! hahaha) we headed to divisoria to look for ribbons, fans and what nots! its the first time i've been to divisoria for a veeeerrry verrry long time and it was very er unique experience :) at least it wasnt as crowded and as muddy as i remembered it to be. oh!! i also got my first checking account! can't wait to sign my first check! hihi...

after divi, we went to ongpin to buy some 'hee' and some red packets to give to entous and suppliers... by this time, i am close to fainting from hunger! but my mom was really on a roll!!! (good thing my other relatives are not coming until later, so they wont be able to tell me what i need and need not do. kaloka!!!)

when we finished buying stuff in ongpin, we headed home for lunch... i thought our work is done for the day. but noooo... my mom instructed me to put the souvenirs into boxes and to put ribbons on them - as you may recall, i mentioned in a blog posted previously that my auntie's friend gave me souvenirs as her wedding gift - so now, we had to put each souvenir into boxes and tie them up with ribbon to make it look more interesting! anu vaaaahhh... kapagod!!! (my role now is "candy, ang babaeng walang pahinga!!!" bwahahaha!)

soo, you think after all that i'll be able to rest na?! well, you're wrong, my mom again, dragged me to rob place to do some last min shopping (apparently, aside from the 'dowry', the bride also has to have at least 12 pairs of new clothing! eeehh i didnt buy anything from singapore! i think i tried on so many clothes that i was begging "no more!!" from my mom! hahaha)

at the end of all of that, my head was in tremendous pain!!! by 11 pm i was dead asleep! hahaha... first time for me really.

jan 18 - while i was waiting for lui to get to our house, i was going thru my list of songs for the avp and onsite and trying to shortlist it (really!) it is really painful for me!!! hahaha i cant decide talaga!

lui arrived at our house and we were just hanging out at the house, passing time, before we head out to shrine of jesus for our canonical interview. lo and behold, clarice called me up... the first thing she asked me was "ms kendz, nakaupo ba kayo?" when somebody greets you with a question like that, you know it can't be good news...

wahhhh!!! apparently, our priest to be, father erick, cannot officiate our wedding ceremony cause his license has already expired and he cant renew it on time... uwaaahhh... so to make things less complicated, we just told clarice that we'll 'settle' for soj's priest... apparently, soj doesnt have an inhouse priest (according to the lady in soj office) and we have to call them on sunday to check if they are able to find a priest to officiate the wedding!!! anuu vahh :( problems problems problems. tsskk.

anyway, silver lining is - the canonical interview went well. i was so anxious before the interview that i even asked some wawies on what questions are going to be asked during the interview. but apparently, my worry was needless. coz everything went well. i actually enjoyed the interview... :)

anyway, thats all for now. will try to update as much as possible.

grabbbeeeeeee lapit na!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

frustration @ 14 days to go

just when i thought that everything was going well, my mom and my sis starts refusing to talk to me.


it all started when we were distributing the invites... my mom kept wanting to invite more and more people. more than what she initially told me. and it was just getting too frustrating! my sister is mad because she's getting caught in the middle - trying to defend my side and trying to tell me what mom wanted her to tell me. my mom is mad coz she cant get her way. i told her from the start that since we are on tight budget, we only want her to invite those that are really close to us. i pleaded that she dont invite her friends that i have hardly seen in my entire life! i thought we had an understanding... apparently not. :(

how will i make her understand that extra invitations is NOT = to extra seats?! huhuhu

sigh i dont know what to do anymore :(

if they still refuse to talk to me until tuesday, im going to stay in a hotel on wednesday. i refuse to go home and beg them to talk to me (which i am already doing now thru text)

and my ulcers are acting up now :( really is getting very frustrating.


surprise @ 15 days to go

i really wasnt expecting that i'll have a bridal shower party here in singapore after the one i had last night, the one i had yesterday was already a treat for me...

but lo and behold, i had another one today... this time with my friends from my good old days in pricewaterhouse in the phils! (4 of my good friends from pwc are here in sg for a VERY short visit)

i was completely taken by surprise(sure, i saw che taking out the balloons from her room downstairs, but nevertheless...) i knew they were cooking up something... why would che knock on her own bedroom door to let our visitors know that she is coming in?! hahaha! but i was trying my best to pretend that nothing was happening! (hehe i didnt want to spoil all the hardword they put into preparing this bridal shower)

but the thing that struck me the most is how prepared they all were! they even had the time to text lui and ask him questions for one of the games. (we had to have the same answer or i have to take a shot of tequlla) they even prepared different games etc. :) aimee even asked me to watch a movie that i knew she didnt like, just to give che and the gang ample time to prepare for the party!!!

again, i had sooo much fun! this time is different coz it was in our house and it was an all filipino group, so we had a lot of things to share ;p

again, i am a little tipsy... had my fare share of tequilla ( i have to scold lui about his answers when i get home to the phils eheh) but what the heck! i wanted to get drunk. considering that i have NEVER been drunk in my entire life!!! hehe but apparently, im still not.

thanks che, ayms, karen, lorena, klein and marla for the incredible party :) thanks thanks thanks.

see you in the phils and at the wedding! :)


p.s. btw, we already submitted lui's baptismal cert to SOJ! yeeeeeeyyy!!! and we're going to have our canonical interview on the 18th. yes! this wedding is going to push thru. there's no stopping us now! woohoo!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

party @ 16 days to go

i had my hen party / bridal shower tonight with my ofcmates. i had a blast! hahaha... im a bit tipsy now but i really had a great time!!!

thank you very very much to aimee for preparing everything, the reservations, the games, the activities, everything. thank you soooo much! :)

thanks to my bosses, vicky and alex for coming and joining the fun :)

thanks to my friends, monica, neah, wu xiu, kasturi and alys for being there... really had a blast with you guys!

now i think i have enough kinky supplies for my honeymoon! bwahaha..

shall i put the walking thingy in the ofc?! LOL!

thanks!!!! mwah!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

delight @ 17 days to go

i was soooo delighted to find out this afternoon that i lost 5pounds since i got back from the philippines! 5 pounds in 1 week! woot! :)

now i lost the pounds i gained over the holidays plus some... i guess the worry, stress and sleepless nights had a lot to do with it :) plus my very strict trainer! hahaha pamatay yung workout namin. my legs turned to jelly by the end of our session today! lol!

5pounds down, 5 more to go! woohoo! :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

confusion @ 18 days to go


1Esplanade is causing a lot of confusion here in singapore... haha. you see, the original One Esplanade is here in Singapore. it is located near Marina Bay...

then the 1Esplanade in the Phils is located near Manila Bay. can you see the similarity?!

so when i distributed the invites to my officemates and friends here in sg, a lot of them asked me if the wedding is going to be here in singapore. BWAHAHA.. (they mistakenly read marina bay instead of manila bay in the map.) katawa tlaga...

tapos it doesnt help that palpak pa yung map ng unifair coz they didnt even write macapagal highway in the map!!! bad trip. it wasnt the map that i sent to them... kainis :(

anyway, im attaching the maps that i sent to Unifair... hope this will help you guys find the right place. (you can throw away the map inserted in the invites now grrr...)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

relief @ 19 days to go

haven't been able to sleep for the past two nights... i know medyo OA pakinggan pero i swear im telling the truth... i just feel like there are so many things that we still need to complete. im really feeling (and looking) stressed.

at least we're starting to see 'the light' na...

saturday, we got our invites (finally). lui's mom had to sit in Unifair's office for three hours to wait for our invites to be done... hanep din si MIL di tlaga umalis hanggang di binibigay nila shirley yung invites namin... hihihi

the thing is, my family was supposed to pick up the invites and not MIL. so when i checked with unifair if we can get the invites na, can you just imagine the panic that i felt when he said that somebody already took the invites?! anu bahh.. super taranta kaming lahat! hahaha... weird din ang unifair, they didnt even ask for a copy of the receipt as proof. anu ba yun... what if it was somebody else who took our invites (very far-fetched, but what if?!) hay naku.

oh well, at least tapos na... stress tlaga unifair. before we got our invites they were giving us reasons like "absent ang operator e" and "nasira yung printing machine". fine, i dont know if it's true or not. but they should have been prepared for scenarios like that... hmm never mind na nga.

our families have also started distributing them yesterday and today... hopefully 75% of the invitations will be distributed by tomorrow. im expecting the invites here in singapore in a day or two... that's the only time ill be able to see it. but so far, good feedback naman from mom and lui. (dapat lang no!!!)

monday, we were supposed to get our marriage license. i was waiting anxiously for clarice to sms us and tell us that she has our license na. but, bad as any luck may go, the messenger was not able to get our license coz apparently, he was held-up the previous night. so he didnt have cash for transportation so he didnt do anything that day.

tuesday, finally! michael (mr. messenger) was able to pick up our license from city hall! yipee! our license was submitted to soj na din! woohooo... another thing ticked off from our list. (now i can breathe again!!!)

now, if only we can get lui's baptismal certificate tomorrow, as expected. hehehe

keeping fingers and toes crossed!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

God is really good :)

I dont usually preach or anything, but right now, there is no other way to better explain what Im feeling right now but that... "God is really good!!"

I went into a depression stage last month (around the time of my birthday) sobrang hirap na hirap ako... i felt like nothing was going right and i was having a streak of bad luck... on my birthday, i was crying to my mom over the phone telling her how sad and miserable i am :( i was sooo miserable. nothing was going as expected, everything was going wrong :(

anyway, i think that streak of bad luck has finally come to an end.

it started when my dad gave me a HUGE amount of money as my birthday/christmas/new year gift. it was awesome. he handed it to me when i went back to the phils. and i didnt use a lot of the money. i gave 10k to my mom and spent some but thats it. more than half, i deposited to my bank :)

other than that, lui got a huge bonus... which i am really happy for him :) his aunt from the US also gave us our advanced wedding gift!!! it was a huge amount of money! as in huge!!! i was shocked...

then my auntie / uncle who are also our ninang / ninang for our wedding also advanced our wedding gift... grabe.. parang bumubuhos ng pera.

we vowed not to touch any of the money that was given to us. we're going to save it for our plan of buying a house in the near future... whatever we receive as gift, we wont use for wedding expenses. we will only make do with the money that we have - that's what lui and i agreed on :)

oki... having said that, nothing will top this day... this is the most blessed day of my life!

for one thing, i got promoted at work!! that means more pay (as well as more work) but i dont care! i need the money and im soo glad i got it. :) (may pangbayad na ako ng saladmaster! hahaha) and im soo happy that somehow all the hardwork ive done was recognized :)

aside from that, napromote na din ako sa saladmaster. eto hindi ko talga ineexpect... yun pala yung price namin for winning the christmas party presentation hahaha! :) grabe yaw kong bitawan yung cert ko kanina haha :) (bkit ako nagtatagalog? kasi ayaw ko malaman sa ofc na meron akong ginagawa on the side hahaha)

also, nakuha ko na yung commission ko! yey!!! makakatulong din yun kahit pano ha :)

i know this might make me sound a bit 'mukhang pera' but heyyy... i dont mind... if this is where my luck is, then fine :) but if God is willing to give me blessings in other form, then i'll be more than happy to accept it! :)

i hope this means that my streak of bad luck has really ended... if only we get our invitations out, our marriage license and lui's baptismal submitted, then ill be completely happy!!! :D

Thursday, January 03, 2008

wedding preps daw...

23 days to go and counting...

everytime i talk to friends, the first thing they would ask me is "ano feeling? lapit na ah!"

hmmm how do i feel right now? i dont know how to explain it. i just know i want to get married na :) i'm also past stressed, im learning to let go and let things fall into place. kung di nga nahaharass si clarice bakit ako mahaharass diba? hehehe.

so what have we been up to?

lui and i went back to the phils last dec 22. we had a few things that we want to accomplish. the first and the most important thing was our marriage license!

on dec 26, we headed out to manila city hall armed with all the papers that we think we need for our marriage license. we arrived there at 10am. we decided not to rely on fixers but to get the license the 'right' way... we went to the City Civil Registry to get the forms that we need. After filling that up, we went to the lady-behind-the-desk and she told us all the required documents that we had to submit. (cenomar - check, id - check, birth cert -errr) since the original copy of lui's birth cert is still with the chancery in novaliches, i asked the lady if we can submit a xerox copy of his birth cert. cyempre sabi nya "no". yun lang. no words of advice no questions asked just a plain and simple "no". ang taray!!! sarap buhusan ng tubig (sorry po.)

so, we had no choice... lui went to request for a local copy of his birth cert, the thing is, they can only release the birth cert the following day. omg... stress tlaga... so went back to the dragon lady and asked if it's okay if to follow na lang the original birth cert. her response? "1pm po seminar saka na lang kayo magpasa ng requirements after" wtf!! anu ba yun!!! i only asked a simple question, why cant she give me a straight forward answer?!

anyways, that's what we did. We went to SM Manila first to have lunch then went back as early as 12:30 just to make sure that we wont be late. Buti na lang the people in charge of the seminar were nice (sana lahat ng tao sa city hall ganun). the seminar lasted for about 45 mins. but boy!!! what a torturous 45 mins that was... they showed us a video of a lady giving birth to a child. that one i can take since i've watched the same video when i was in dlsu... but the worst part of the video was when they started showing us the abortion video. grabe... i felt like fainting. i was already clinging to lui and was telling him that im going to faint soon (blood and me dont jive). good thing the video ended but not soon enough!! hmph!

after the seminar, we headed back to the dragon lady... first, she checked our requirements. then she asked for the original birth cert... i told her we dont have it yet. she said okay. (thats good). then she looked at the copy of lui's birth cert and she noticed that lui's dad is actually chinese citizen. so she asked us to give a copy of the naturalization of lui's dad. of cors, lui's dad didnt have that. so we went back to ask what else we can give her. she told us affidavit of filipino citizenship...

so i went around the whole city hall asking where i can get such affidavit... after a few attempts, we finally found a room where they produce affidavits. we had to pay 150 to get a notarized affidavit. sigh...

we went back to the dragon lady (again). by this time all the other couples who were with us during the seminar had already left. sigghh... so we submitted the notarized affidavit... guess what?!!! she told us to get another one since the affidavit we got didnt specifically specify that lui is a filipino citizen. anuu baaahhhh.... headache diba?!!

anyway, we did manage to get everything done and took our oath na din. bad thing was we had to go back the following day to submit lui's birth cert. (just seeing that dragon lady makes my skin crawl!!!) we'll be able to get the license on the 7th. hopefully nothing else goes wrong.

dec 27 - we went to unifair to get to the bottom of the problem... it was one month to go before our wedding and we still didnt have our invites yet!!! word of advice to unifair couples, if you are getting them, talk to erwin. he's easier to talk to. he pushed everything so that we can get some of the things earlier (like the envelopes so that we can start printing the names) and he told us that we will get the invites on the 5th the latest. so im crossing my fingers now and hoping that we do get the invites on saturday.

dec 28 - we met up with clarice to go through the wedding details one more time... it was so funny because she asked us to go to linden suites to meet her. at first i thought that we were going to meet at the lobby. but she texted me and told me to meet her at room ****... kala naman meron cyang wedding that day! hehe we found out later on that clarice had set camp in linden suites. hahaha she was ousted from her house because their maid was sick and since her pregnancy is very sensitive, they decided to 'place' her somewhere else. o diva? sosyal si clarice. hahaha... we went through all the details just to make sure that we cover everything. it was good that we did it. since it was able to reinstate lui's confidence in clarice. whew... btw, clarice looks awesome. pregnancy sooo becomes her :) im betting her baby is a girl :)

dec 29 - fitting day!!! i was so excited to finally get a chance to fit my gown! woohoo and it will also be my first time to see the embroideries! what can i say?! i loooove my gown hahaha... it may not be an original design, but i love it still :D im so happy with it. there was a point during my fitting that i thought "kung itakbo ko na lang kaya tong gown na to" hahaha... eventhough the gown wasnt finished yet, i love it already! i cant wait for my final fitting in january!!!

i also like lui's barong, though i may not be good judge since i dont know how a barong should look like hahaha :) my mom's gown is a hit as well. my mom cant stop talking about her gown. feeling nya sya ang ikakasal. lol!

if you want to see pics of my gown, just email me at candy.y.chu@gmail.com. im trying to keep lui from seeing the gown. para surprise :) he told me that he might laugh at me when he sees me walking down the aisle. i told him, yah do that, ill just turn and walk the other way. :) hahaha! takutan ba?! :)