Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally Married! :)

After almost two years of preps, it's finally my turn to say... We're finally married!!!! :)

Im dying to write my wedding kwento and ratings!! but we're off to el nido tom... i promise to write it as soon as we get back!!!

for the meantime, please visit our wonderful onsite. :)

i love our wedding!!! sobrang saya! may bloopers lang talga! bwahaha :)



neva said...

aww kendz! ang cute ng blooper nyo hahaha pero ha yun din yung intindi ko sa instruction ng pari e hahaha! congrats congrats muli! mwah! i shall wait for your kuentos and your pics :D enjoy your honeymoon!

:) ian said...

hi kendz, ganda ng onsite nyo. i'm sure you had a beautiful wedding. i'll be using the same music (we are man and wife) for our video. shary was the one who sent it to me and i fell in love with it agad. hope you don't mind kung pareho tayo ng background music :). anyway, congrats and best wishes to you and lui. i'll visit your site again to see your pictures. God bless sis. :)

Myrna said...

hi kendz!!

best wishes girl!!!!
it was so nice meeting you at the wow party, i'm sure you had a blast at your wedding judging from your onsite video :)

God bless!!!

Dins said...

hi kendz! panatang makabayan tayo jan! hahaha! =)

my best wishes! =)

Tarabusaw said...

best wishes ulet kendz!

Anonymous said...

congrats! you guys look so happy! :)

Celina said...

hi kendz! congratulations! ganda ng onsite niyo, and also ang cute nung blooper niyo.:)

your gown was really pretty too. best wishes!

-celina, fellow w@wie

jenn said...

kendz ure back!! & all tanned!! siomai.. i hope i cud go to palawan too.. pero not muna for honeymoon, summer vacation lang hehehehe.! game blog time naaaaaaah!! pero i agree with celina, ang ganda ng gown mo ;)

Candy :) said...

neva - lapit mo na!!! :) hay kahiya tlaga bloopers namin pero at lease may maikwekwento ako sa future. :)

ian - thanks :) sure gamitin mo lang... si bong talga ang nagsuggest nung song not me. regards kay shary!!!

myrns - hi! musta? :) thanks!!!

dins - goes with my bridal march "panunumpa" hahaha

ian & steph - thanks!!!

celina - ganda din ng gown mo! :) sobrang tawa ako sa kwento ni ms v sa blog nya :)

jenn - yan na yung kwento. haba nyan :D