Monday, January 21, 2008

Wedding Updates - 1 week to go na lang!!!!

list of suppliers muna:

Church: Shrine of Jesus - dp ok
Reception: 1Esplanade - dp and installment ok (will wait for next payment due)
Bride's Designer: Veluz - 50% paid (50%+3.5k pending)
Groom's Barong: Veluz - dp ok
Coordinator: An Event to Remember - dp ok
Cake: Alex Franco - no dp needed
Music: Strings Minstrels - dp ok
Hair and makeup: Eddie Bruan - dp ok
Photographer: Fotogra - dp ok
Videographer: Threelogy - dp ok
Caterer: Josiah's Catering - dp ok
Event Stylist: Balay Kandila - dp ok
Entou Flowers: Mang Boy Mahusay - dp ok
Emcee: Mallory - dp ok
Honeymoon: El Nido Resorts - dp ok
Souveneirs: c/o Auntie Vilma from US and Clique photos - dp ok
Entou gowns: Farely - fitting done!

that's my supplier list so far... here are the pending items (in no particular order):

1. 2nd and final fitting with veluz... have to lose weight na tlaga. seryoso na. :) - had my fitting last december... will have another one right around the corner :) email me if you want to see the photos :)

2. maker of invites - we decided on Unifair Invites... Unifair Invites are cheap but good, that's why we decided to get them. we already selected our invites layout all we have to do is give them the complete details :)

nov: still haven't gotten the proofs yet... hopefully will be able to get them early next month so that when we go back in dec, distribute na lang namin...

jan: we got our invites last january 5... im not too happy with the map that unifair has printed for us... and the quality of some of the invites are not that good... more on this on my suppliers' ratings...

3. look up entou gowns designs we have finally finalized the ento gowns designs and they already went and gotten their measurements taken na din... for the designs, please click here

4. meet with Alex Franco regarding design of cake - finally met with alex and discussed the design and the flavor of the cake... i had so much fun during the meeting! hehe. for the design of the cake please click here

nov: i was able to try the actual cake during the W@W party... sooobrang sarap :D

5. trial makeup with Eddie Bruan - done! the wawies were raving about my makeup! im soooo glad they all loved it. please search my blog for pics ;p

nov: had Eddie do my makeup for the W@W party... lui liked it... i dont like lang the hair, medyo minadali kasi. (more on this on my W@W party kwento coming soon hehehe)

6. prenups with Fotogra - done! please see 'prenups' in my blog for the whole kwento :) also check out for the pictures :D

nov: had another set of prenups during the W@W party. sobrang kapagod... will compile all the pics and will post here soon.

7. to clique or not to clique? - we cliqued!

nov: sobrang saya ng clique! si lui nga sobrang tuwang tuwa to think that he wasnt too sold on the idea of having a photo booth before. pero ngayon, go na go na :D

8. final menu for josiah's - done! we finally selected our final menu list from josiahs and had another food tasting with them (pwede isa pa? hahaha) we were also able to get the dessert buffet and the cocktails from them :)

nov: so happy to be able to see josiahs in action. sobrang sarap tlaga ng mongolian bbq nila!!! hehehe

9. final list of entou and principal sponsor - done na din! :) well except for one more ninong... will post the complete list soon :D

nov: finally finalized hahaha

10. final guest list -

nov: errrr....

jan: almost done... almost but not quite. we're targeting to finalize the guest list and the seating arrangements by wednesday...

11. music for on-site video - still choosing... hirap

nov: short-listed 4 songs... will contact bong soon to ask his opinion :)

jan: i sent my list of songs to mimi for her perusal... she replied and asked me if they can make it a surprise na lang. hehe since the songs i chose were already 'gasgas' na daw! hehehe

for threelogy, im yet to send the list. but im also willing to let them choose the song :)

12. send clarice documents for church requirements sent!

nov: had our pre-cana seminar in San Agustin last Nov. 24. also gave my certificate of freedom to marry na din to Clarice... pending na lang docs ni lui and the banns.

jan: finally!!! finally we had submitted all required documents to soj na and were able to pay the balance the din. we also finished our canonical interview na! hayyy... thank you Lord!!!

13. confirmation - done! did it when i went home last june :D

14. music for strings - done! :) we're going for bossa nova hehe

15. event stylist / florist we're getting balay kandila for event stylist!!! so happy :D and of cors the ever famous mang boy for the bouquets :) for pic of my bouquet, please click here

nov: we're expanding! we're getting two halls in Esplanade instead of one. Still balay kandila pa din ang event stylist namin. (of cors) hehehe

16. gifts for principal sponsors - we decided to get cakes from alex franco (smaller version lang ha) plus something else. the cakes we've already ordered, the something else, we still have to find out what hahaha.

17. give-aways - clique photos

nov: auntie vilma from the US sent a mock of the souveneirs that she prepared for our wedding. sobrang touched ako sa kanya as in...

jan: we've finally finished putting each 'swan' into boxes, tie the ribbons and put our stickers on it! hehehe. whew.

18. cocktail menu - done! c/o josiahs!! yipee

nov: will buy choc balls from mustafa to add to the cocktail menu hehe.

19. groom's barong - they'll have the fitting today. hopefully i'll get the sketches from Veluz

20. groom's shoes - lui bought his shoes last december hehe

21. mothers' gowns - fitting today and tomorrow with Veluz! Hopefully ill be able to get the sketches din! hahaha

22. honeymoon - we paid the downpayment na :) we're heading to... EL NIDO! wooohooo!

jan: we still have to pay the balance... i didnt know that we're supposed to pay the balance ONE MONTH before the actual trip... wahhh

23. meet with mananahi for entou gowns (farley of clarice) - done na din although i didnt really meet farley... yung entou lang hehe

24. fabrics for gowns - oki na! lui went to buy the barong fabrics for the ninong and male entou and the shantung fabric for the ninangs naman! :) haha i cant wait for his whole kwento on his divi trip!

25. hotel for preps -nov: we booked Pan Pacific Hotel na... di sobrang bonga pero nice naman :)

26. wedding rings - we bought our goldheart celestial wedding bands! :) will post pics as soon as i get them!

27. emcee - we got mallory! sabi clarice galing daw nya e :)

28. lcd projector - c/o balay kandila

29. charlie's pritchon

30. lights??? - c/o balay kandila

31. ke-tsung requirements

32. save-the-date - nov: dont think we'll have this na... hehe kulang na sa time e.

jan: as a last minute resort, i created our save the dates and sent them to our friends immediately... hehe :)


update as of nov: almost done na... 2 months to go... im excited and at the same time anxious di ko maexplain... almost the final leg na :)

update as of September: almost done!!! kaso we found out that there are a lot of problems with Lui's papers so he had to go back to Manila and go to city hall to process his papers... hopefully they'll come out in time for our marriage license!!! naku po...

btw, we had another wawsg EB, this one in Mitch & Jun's house! :)

the wawsg cast :) (less jon coz he's the one who took the pic! hehe)
for more pics please click here >>> wawies sa sg!

update as of August: we were able to accomplish a lot this month... but still have a lot more to go... sigh... wish us luck! hopefully we'll be able to go home in november...

update as of July: we changed our motif to fall colors. so basically, aside from red and gold, we're adding tangerine and yellow. :) so happy!!!


Bong said...

" clique " it kendz! :)

~currant7 said...

so cool - glad to see that you are progressing quite well on your list. So near and yet so far...I know the feeling...wanting it already to be big special day...savoring it. so nice!

Candy :) said...

thanks sis! ako nga din e. iniisip ko sana THE day na... pero wag muna. still enjoying the preps hehe

bong! we cliqued. ;p

Candy :) said...

btw sis, sa bday ko pala ang wedding mo. :) hehe wala lang...

steph said...

good luck with keeping fit! sabi ng mga w@wies-sg when they saw you entering starbucks laki na daw ng pinayat mo... so you must be doing something right! hehehe.

good luck with preps. you got it right- sana matapos na pero enjoy din preps. hehehe. :)

bong said...

hey kendz! pre-nup with karl & mimi? in bohol? di ba tayo gagawa ng avp? :)

Candy :) said...

hi bong! :) hahaha ang dami kasi di namin kaya. hehe. tingnan natin what we can do. ;)

dre said...

hello! i saw your blog sa w@w. :) this is dre. im getting alex franco as well for my wedding. i was just wondering kung kelan kami magmimeet? is he jst gonna txt me? hehe.. kinakabahan kasi ako dahil walang down payment! sa june 08 pa wedding ko tho.. and ask ko lang how much yng miniature cakes nya as gifts for the principal sponsors? i wanna get them that coz super sarap talaga ng cakes ni alex! thanks sis!

Candy :) said...

hi sis,

regarding alex franco, you have to set a meeting with him :) email / text him lang. kami nagmeet kami with him last august. overseas bride kasi ako so we scheduled it during one of my trips home :)

yung mini cake, if im not wrong around 400 each ata. :) pero ask mo na din cya para sure :) hehehe

thanks for dropping by!