Monday, March 12, 2007

3rd wawsg EB! :D

we had our 3rd successful wawsg eb last friday. im just so sorry that i couldnt stay long... it was my 2nd stop for the night and i had to go to one more party... sigh hectic. hehe just kidding! :D

anyway, due to public demand, im posting the EB pics here. :) welcome to the new member, michelle and stephanie, hope you'll continue to be active members..

sis aslee - miss ka na namin. :(

sis claire! lapit na... please balitaan mo kami agad. pls pls pls!!! :)

jenm and jen luy - sorry di ko na kayo naabutan :(

to the other sisses na mga loyalists and ever present - will catch up with you soon! grabe nawala lang ako napunta na sa kung san san ang usapan! next time sali naman ako. hehehe. gusto ko din ng tips ;p

to the rest of wawsg... i know you are out there somewhere! sali naman kayo! haha sige tatanggalin namin kayo sa yahoo group! joke joke joke. peace po...

here are the eb pics as taken by michelle's better half (jun). sis, bilhan mo na kasi ng camera! mas okay na camera ang gusto nya. hehehe

Monday, March 05, 2007

First fitting with Ms. V! (as posted in W@W)

"Hello! :) I'm back in singapore! sigh... sarap sana magstay na lang sa pilipinas. :) nice seeing ms benz and the other wawies nga pala nung bridal fair last Saturday. :)

anyway, kwento ko lang po my experience with my fitting(s) with veluz.:) sobrang happy ako. i wanted to post nga nung nasa pinas ako kaso lang nadelete ko accidentally yung blog entry ko. (sigh katangahan)

eto na po...

monday - i went to veluz to have my measurements re-taken... why re-taken? coz i am absolutely positive that they took my measurements when i made my downpayment last october! but it's okay. at least they'll base the fitting on my recent measurements (hindi halata kung tumaba ako)... hehehe... monday morning, nikko texted me reminding me of my measurement-taking (as if naman makakalimutan ko no! hehehe) he's really nice pala. kasi first time i met him akala ko suplada and mataray. he didnt talk much kasi. i was wrong pala. :) well, mataray pa din cya pero in a nice way naman... so yun. i went to veluz in the afternoon, siguro mga 10 mins lang ako dun. hahaha. tapos uwi na. sabi kasi ni veluz we can just talk about the design changes (flashback: i didnt want an offshoulder gown. senior ball and debut gowns ko offshoulder na so i wanted it to be different sana...) but veluz said that we'll just see in the fitting and check kung ano bagay.

wednesday- naku eto na po! my first fitting... hehe. sobrang excited. ewan ko ba... hehehe. i went there with a lot of anxieties... first of course as i have mentioned my gown design, second, nahihiya ako kasi dami ko acne scars on my back..(hay tagal ko na problem to). but all my stressing were wasted kasi everything turned out okay. :) first...rgarding the bacne, di naman sila nagreact ng panget. they just seemed to take it all in stride. which is quite a relief for me... then on the design naman... eto nangyari... i fitted my kacha tube gown first. when veluz was really satisfied on the fit of the tube gown, she asked nikko to get an offshoulder top... eto na.. when veluz put on the top,wala pa sigurong 10 seconds tinanggal na nya agad. sabi nya lang mas bagay ata sayo sarado. so she asked nikko to get a top na parang shrug (but they call it a harness) then she tried it on. grabe!!! i loooooveeed it! sobrang love ko tlaga. sabi k nga kay veluz "naku pwede na po ito. eto na lagn gown ko" tapos she just laughed and said"sige libre na yan" hehehe... tapos sobrang tuwa ko talga sa gown ko as in kinikilig pa ako. haha tawa nga ng tawa si veluz e. :)

im really sooo happy! we also discussed the fabric. i was supposed to get italian satin but when i saw the swatch, parang di ko masyado nagustuhan (no offense po...) ayaw ko kasi ng makintab na gown... so veluz made "tapat" italian satin, pina cocoon and pina silk then she asked me what i wanted. of cors ako, i asked her opinion, she said pina cocoon and i was so happy she did kasi yun ang gusto ko! yun veluz adjusted my price quotation (sigh dagdag gastos pero well worth it i think!) hehehe... then she asked me to come back on friday for the lining fitting na. medyo nagulat na ako dito. si nikko nga said"mader sa jan 2008 pa yan ha" sabi lang ni veluz it's okay since dinaman natin lam kung kelan bbalik to.

i went back friday now with my mom in tow. i had to force my mom to come with me pa! buti na lang i did. kasi veluz then explained my gown design in detail which is a good thing coz i wouldnt have asked...hehe ganun ko cya ka-trust. hehehe. and the best thing is, my mom actually told me maganda yung gown! yey! knowing my mom, that's a really really good sign!!!

naku po... haba na nito. medyo short cut na nga to e. dami ko pa gusto ikwento hahaha. :D anyway, i'll try to post pictures soon as well as a detailed description of my gown soon. siguro sa blog ko nalang.thanks po and sorry napahaba na tlaga... :)

happy preps!!!"

that's the message i posted in waw. grabe super haba... :) since i've shown lui the pics of my gown, i'll post it here na. :D (pictures c/o nikko)

with Veluz herself. :)

short description: the top will be full machine-embroidered. as well as the bodice of the gown. :) there will also be some embroidery on the train. train will be pinned up during reception. :D fabric will be pina cocoon with shantung lining. :)