Monday, August 28, 2006

Singapore Idol... :D

if america has American Idol and the UK has its Pop Idol, well, Singapore has... tada! the Singapore Idol. ;)

I wasnt really a big fan when the show started. It began right about the same time AI endend and I still had the Elliot fever then. :) but now, due to lack of better things to do (or rather, lack of other channels to watch) cheryl and i are loyal weekly viewers of the show. hihi

well anyway, just wanted to share this video. i dont know what Hady is singing, but gosh... i could melt just hearing his voice.

i just hope he doesnt get voted out. good singers had been voted out because of one not-so-good but very pa-cute singer winning the hearts of singapore. argh! hehe

anyway, if you must know, i do not vote. okay? i just watch! :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My beautiful gown sketches! ;)

Okay... now i can post the sketches... hehe... i wanted to ooohh and aaaahhh over them for a couple of days before i share them with you guys, and that's exactly what i did! i am just so mesmerized with the sketches. i cant help but check them out every hour or so... :)

here are the sketches that Mama Veluz made for me. I love all of them. Enjoy them as much as I did!

Veluz' descriptions of my gowns:

A - off shoulder long gown with lace bodice and stripe beading on hipline, frayed lace trimmings at the back with beaded straps dangling from the brooch-like lace trimmings

B - detachable shrug, strapless gown inside with embroidered tulle/lace from the empire line to the hipline. beadwork accentuating the lace/tulle

C - detachable off shoulder lace blouse with diminishing beads on the skirt, sash on waist with brooch accent. Off shoulder blouse will be removed during reception revealing stapless bodice with some lace appliques and diminishing beadwork on the bodice. sash on waist.

It took me more than 4 months before I got the sketches, but as you can see, the wait is all worth it!!!

Please let me know what you think! :)

All sketches are property of Veluz Reyes. Please respect that!

Friday, August 25, 2006

helping a friend in need

i've just heard that a friend and a former blockmate of mine from DLSU has bone marrow deficiency. :( it's critical and they have to make transplant before it gets worse and become leukemia...

i dont know the status, i dont know what's happening currently, but i am really really sad for her. she is a good person. she is one of the people from college that i can truly call a friend. i was really surprised when i read the text message that golda circulated to the whole block. no words can describe the shock that went through me when i found out.

judy has a kind heart... im not just saying this because she's sick and she needs help. im saying this because it's true... she's also a brilliant auditor... i know she's supposed to go to Bermuda because she was offered work there, but now, she wont be able to go... she has a lot in store for her, lets hope and pray she will be able to fight this illness and be able to live her dreams...

her barkada is now trying to collect as much money as they can. judy and her family needs all the help they can get since a bone marrow transplant can cost a whopping 2million pesos!

i am going to donate. i was going to save some money so that i can buy the camera that i've been eyeing for the longest time. but i think giving that money to a friend in need is more important than having that camera. the camera can wait but judy can't. i'll forego all the shopping for this month just to help a friend in need... she needs it more than i do.

if anyone of you would like to help please let me know and ill give you the details. your help is greatly needed. prayers can make a lot of things happen... small things can make big things happen.

Judy, do get well soon. Continue to be strong. You can do it... My prayers are with you and so are the prayers of our fellow blockmates im sure.

let's get serious

i just had the most serious and most intense conversation with the man i am going to spend my life with- lui. it was scary, it was difficult but we had to get it over with.

the number one question we have right now is that we dont know where we're going to live after the wedding. though the wedding is too far away, we need to come up with answers. i personally dont want to prolong it... the longer we wait the harder it is to discuss the subject. each one having his/her idea, each one getting used to the idea, and eventually no one will want to concede.

we've tried to discuss the issue several times but never got to any answers... tonight i think we finally did...

it was funny because the whole conversation took place thru yahoo messenger. but i can say that it's as effective or more so than calling.

there was a point in the conversation that i know im being inconsiderate, saying no, not relenting... but i know what i want - which is to have a good and secure future for the two of us and for our future kids. and knowing this, i had to stand firm and hold my ground.

we did come to a solution, albeit still a bit vague but i think we've come to a resolution. what that is, we'll keep it to ourselves first.

it's the first decision regarding our married life that we had made together. it's nice to know that we can come to an agreement without resorting to harsh words and threats. hehehe

hopefully, we can survive all the challenges that will face us... now that we're still singles, and in the future, when we're Mr. and Mrs.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2nd post of the day...

im loving blogger. im rediscovering all the perks of having a blogger as compared to having friendster blog. dont get me wrong i've used friendster blog for almost a year and it's been part of my life, it's been my one and only true consolation whenever i feel down or whenever i feel pissed, happy or disappointed.

but there are really some disadvantages in using friendster blog. here are a few...
1) all your friends are alerted whenever you update your blog. so you have to make sure that you have perfect grammar and no typos on your first try else your friends will be burdened with 2-3 emails at a time!
2) you cannot filter the comments that your friends put. i dont usually filter. but sometimes, i just think it may come in handy
3) anyone can see your blog... because of the notification system, your friends tend to feel obliged to check your blog. but are they reading it? are they enjoying it? hmm.. maybe, maybe not. :)

but the one good thing about friendster blog is, SOME people actually read your blog, people leave comments, and it gives you a warm feeling knowing that some people really do care. :)

gown sketches from Veluz!

finally! finally! i've received my gown sketches from the wonderful Veluz. and i must say, it's really worth the wait. she sent me three designs... and they're all wonderful! i know i'll have a hard time choosing just one!

i'll post the sketches next time. im still mesmerized with her sketches. cant keep my eyes off them. :) just hope it fits the budget!


symptoms of dory

talk about short-term memory! it hasn't been 15 minutes since i created this blog and then, lo and behold, i forgot my account name! hahaha... it took me another 15 mins to remember my account! argh!

what a great way to start a blog ye?

good night. i think i need some sleep.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hello hello!

welcome. :)

i'm back! this is actually my second blogspot here in blogger. the first one, i traded for friendster blog... but now, im back! :) i think it's better for me to just have one blog for both personal and wedding stuff rather than have two blogs! talk about high maintenance man! :)

anyhoo, i hope you enjoy this blog as much as the other blogs... (if you did enjoy it) if not, well, just keep visiting anyway. hehehe.

thanks! looking forward for more blogging!