Tuesday, September 30, 2008

problem solved

i havent been blogging lately coz my compaq died on me. yes it died. well not really... it just suddenly wont connect to the internet na - in addition to other problems. which reminds me - i need to visit the customer centre on sat. pfffttt...

but now my problem is solved, so happy days are here again! :)

watch out for pics on our little india trip, our chinatown exposure and of course, F1!!! (im a convert!!!)

tomorrow is a holiday! thank God! i need a break. i know it's only tuesday but i neeeeedddd a break! :p

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Final Wedding Videos by Threelogy


abangan ang susunod na kabanata :D

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


i was on a pregnancy scare for almost two weeks when i finally decided to go get a test kit and find out once an for all. waiting for the result felt like forever, good thing lui is beside me, trying to calm me down. and then there it was. NOT PREGNANT clear as it can hehehe. im so glad i took the test, at least now i know for sure. (too bad i can't blame my weight gain on my pregnancy lol)

thanks to my friends for the support haha mas happy pa sila sa akin! special mention to che who volunteered to babysit! lol

dont take me wrong... it's not like i dont ever want to have a baby. i just honestly think that this is not the right time for a baby - with my workload and all... i know someday we'll be mom and dads, but in due time :)

whew too much excitement. im hitting the sack. nights!

Monday, September 08, 2008

im back!!! (and hating it! grrrrr)

dont ask. it's been one hella day at work and i thought it would never end! hmph. that's what happens when you go on leave (149 emails lang naman ang sumalubong sa akin no!!! and i was away for only a week!)

anyway....... ranting aside -

our trip back home was in one word "TOXIC" we had so much to do in so little time!!!

finally got my new glasses and contact lenses. my grade increased yet again :( but i'm so loving my new BEBE glasses :D oh got a new haircut and color to go with it!

we flew off to davao on our second day... partied with grandma for her 79th bday and celebrated with grandpa for his 24th death anniv. daming food!!! met up with friends almost every night! i think i've been to almost all the coffee shops in davao! hehe.

oh lui also had his braces removed!!! ANG GWAPO NA NG ASAWA KO!!! woot!!!
so after 4 days in davao, we went back to manila, full and few pounds more. hehe... we then visited (for the first time) the condo that we bought in taguig.

i loved it!!! from the moment we stepped (or stirred the car) inside the compound, i knew we made the right choice! it was awesome... it lived up to my expectations... it's like living in a resort everyday! :)
will post more pics soon! :D

oh i almost forgot! we met up with mama benz and baby jenn as well last thursday. that's when we got our wedding video :) it's really really awesome! :) belated happy birthday ulit baby! mama benz, kita kits tayo ulit!!!

super not stop eating, is what we did... we tried crawdaddy's (???) at the fort high street, holy cow at rob place manila and a steak house in greenbelt 5. i cant remember the name though... hmmm delicious! i highly recommend holycow. it's cheap yet very tasty! (sabi nga ni mama solid! hehe)

trivia: i've been having tiramisu cravings for two weeks now and i just realized how weird the tiramisu in the philippines are. i tasted one which had a gelatin texture, one with mostly chiffon cake, one that tasted like cheesecake and so on. geeezzzz... im still looking for the perfect tiramisu :S

oh well, that's it for now, heading off to bed. been a llooooooooooonnnggg day and i know it'll be the same tom.


touched :D

emotionally ha! :p

it was such a delight and a pleasant surprise when i received yet another email from veluz saying:

pssst! silip ka sa blog ko hehehe :-)

and i did! :) hayyy... love ko tlaga mga suppliers ko :D

check it out>>> http://veluzreyes.blogspot.com/2008/09/kendz.html

Thursday, September 04, 2008

final video by threelogy

got our final video! what can i say?!!!!

IT ROCKS! absolutely great! we love it!!!

it wasn't as dramatic as i expected. it was light cool and fun - just as things were during the day of our wedding...

jenn told me not to cry when i watch the final video. sorry.. i couldnt help it. i cried... cried from laughing too hard!! lol. mae, the editor, added a bloopers segment and lui and i couldnt help but laugh our hearts out. oh man. what a crazy crazy day. lol we can even hear mimi's laugh on the video. haha i guess everybody really had a crazzzzzyyy time that day! :)

as of posting time, i've already watched it twice. will be watching it again tom with my family. :p

thanks (again) to bong, cj and jon and jenn for the wonderful shots. you made every minute detail seem so significant. ang galing nyo talaga.

thanks to mae, for the wonderful final video! ang galing tlaga! clap clap saludo sayo! :)