Sunday, October 26, 2008

parokya is the best evah!!!

just came back from parokya's concert here in singapore and i still have the best hang over (from too much parokya). all the way back from clarke quay i keep gushing about them to lui. i kept singing their songs and keep laughing at the same funny moment over and over. lol. lui thought i was drunk. but im not!!! i just have this adrenaline rush that i cant get rid of. they are sooooooo incredible! i loved every moment of it!!! plus it doesn't hurt that we got the best seats everrrr!! woot woot!!!

ill post the videos soon! sorry - not so good quality coz i used my e71 lang. cresta!!! post pics asap! lol

i must say it's the most sulit 50 bucks i ever spent!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

travel plans

obviously, lui and i love to travel and we can't seem to stop coming up with places that we just HAVE TO visit :)

since we got together in 2005, so far, these are the places we've been to: (in no particular order)
1. puerto galera

2. nurture spa (tagaytay)

3. nasugbu batangas

4. villa escudero

5. xiamen - china

6. el nido - palawan

7. cebu

8. bohol

9. davao

10. hong kong

11. malacca - malaysia

12. singapore (where we are now)

13. bintan - indonesia

and the places we want to visit soon are:
1. australia: sydney, melbourne, gold coast etc - big bang for next year
2. boracay - going in december!
3. laoag / vigan / pagudpud - going for our anniversary :p
4. US - probably 2010 hehe
5. vietnam - 2008 pwede pa ba?? hmmm
6. cambodia
7. redang malaysia
8. camsur
9. thailand - phuket / bangkok
10. bali indonesia

and many many more... hay if only i can travel everyday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

cinderelly cinderelly

im ecstatic!

cinderella is coming to sg!

im not excited about the play per se. im more excited to see my idol lea salonga on stage again! :) - the last time i watched her on stage was for the play "they're playing our song"

im really a HUGE FAN. i think i had watched aladdin and mulan (disney movies) for the nth time already - especially mulan!!

hayyyy cant wait for january!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


these past few days, i've been salivating over lechon. yes lechon. wahhhh. this is bad. there is nowhere in singapore i can get my hands on lechon. sighs. i have to settle with pictures muna i guess. hehe.

this craving for lechon started last september, when my cousin charlie announced (through multiply) about their native lechon - LECHON SABROSO

and then, just like that, they were all over! mama benz was raving about the lechon - they even posted in weddings@work newsblog, it was discussed in newlyweds@work yahoogroup, and my mom is raving about it! hahaha.

apparently, Charlie sent a sampler to my mom's house and the rest is history. haha i got several text messages from my mom, as well as a call just to share with me her delight with the lechon lol. she said she'll definitely order soon :)

what struck me the most was what she said: "sana meron na sila lechon dati, para nung wedding mo, eto na lang hinanda natin"

o diva? i think mom is in love.

and im still salivating. :s i guess i have to wait till december to try this oh so famous lechon... i already ordered two pigs! :) haha one for noche buena and one for new year's eve. hihihi

Monday, October 06, 2008


earlier this evening, lui asked what were we doing this time last year. and it made me think and decide to go back memory lane :)

apparently, this time last year, i was defending my fabulous VELUZ gown. an anonymous person left a not so nice comment on my gown sketch. i didnt have to explain neither did i have to defend VELUZ but i wanted to :) coz no other bride loved their gown as much as I did. (including all of ms v's gown hehehe)

here's the link

(oh,dlsu won last year's uaap game. i totally forgot about that... but we lost to our archrival/nemesis this year. tsk)


someone sent me an email earlier as well, she said that she read my entire blog and had fun reading my preps :) well, that's the main reason i made it as detailed as possible. i want people to share the fun that i went through during my preps and also, to have something to look back to in the future :)


i had a nice good long chat with my bestfriend dave earlier. i sure miss him... i admit that i failed to show up or call my friends when im in the phils, but i intend to do better. kasi i miss all of them na :(

so you guys, i'll see you in december okay? :)