Thursday, January 03, 2008

wedding preps daw...

23 days to go and counting...

everytime i talk to friends, the first thing they would ask me is "ano feeling? lapit na ah!"

hmmm how do i feel right now? i dont know how to explain it. i just know i want to get married na :) i'm also past stressed, im learning to let go and let things fall into place. kung di nga nahaharass si clarice bakit ako mahaharass diba? hehehe.

so what have we been up to?

lui and i went back to the phils last dec 22. we had a few things that we want to accomplish. the first and the most important thing was our marriage license!

on dec 26, we headed out to manila city hall armed with all the papers that we think we need for our marriage license. we arrived there at 10am. we decided not to rely on fixers but to get the license the 'right' way... we went to the City Civil Registry to get the forms that we need. After filling that up, we went to the lady-behind-the-desk and she told us all the required documents that we had to submit. (cenomar - check, id - check, birth cert -errr) since the original copy of lui's birth cert is still with the chancery in novaliches, i asked the lady if we can submit a xerox copy of his birth cert. cyempre sabi nya "no". yun lang. no words of advice no questions asked just a plain and simple "no". ang taray!!! sarap buhusan ng tubig (sorry po.)

so, we had no choice... lui went to request for a local copy of his birth cert, the thing is, they can only release the birth cert the following day. omg... stress tlaga... so went back to the dragon lady and asked if it's okay if to follow na lang the original birth cert. her response? "1pm po seminar saka na lang kayo magpasa ng requirements after" wtf!! anu ba yun!!! i only asked a simple question, why cant she give me a straight forward answer?!

anyways, that's what we did. We went to SM Manila first to have lunch then went back as early as 12:30 just to make sure that we wont be late. Buti na lang the people in charge of the seminar were nice (sana lahat ng tao sa city hall ganun). the seminar lasted for about 45 mins. but boy!!! what a torturous 45 mins that was... they showed us a video of a lady giving birth to a child. that one i can take since i've watched the same video when i was in dlsu... but the worst part of the video was when they started showing us the abortion video. grabe... i felt like fainting. i was already clinging to lui and was telling him that im going to faint soon (blood and me dont jive). good thing the video ended but not soon enough!! hmph!

after the seminar, we headed back to the dragon lady... first, she checked our requirements. then she asked for the original birth cert... i told her we dont have it yet. she said okay. (thats good). then she looked at the copy of lui's birth cert and she noticed that lui's dad is actually chinese citizen. so she asked us to give a copy of the naturalization of lui's dad. of cors, lui's dad didnt have that. so we went back to ask what else we can give her. she told us affidavit of filipino citizenship...

so i went around the whole city hall asking where i can get such affidavit... after a few attempts, we finally found a room where they produce affidavits. we had to pay 150 to get a notarized affidavit. sigh...

we went back to the dragon lady (again). by this time all the other couples who were with us during the seminar had already left. sigghh... so we submitted the notarized affidavit... guess what?!!! she told us to get another one since the affidavit we got didnt specifically specify that lui is a filipino citizen. anuu baaahhhh.... headache diba?!!

anyway, we did manage to get everything done and took our oath na din. bad thing was we had to go back the following day to submit lui's birth cert. (just seeing that dragon lady makes my skin crawl!!!) we'll be able to get the license on the 7th. hopefully nothing else goes wrong.

dec 27 - we went to unifair to get to the bottom of the problem... it was one month to go before our wedding and we still didnt have our invites yet!!! word of advice to unifair couples, if you are getting them, talk to erwin. he's easier to talk to. he pushed everything so that we can get some of the things earlier (like the envelopes so that we can start printing the names) and he told us that we will get the invites on the 5th the latest. so im crossing my fingers now and hoping that we do get the invites on saturday.

dec 28 - we met up with clarice to go through the wedding details one more time... it was so funny because she asked us to go to linden suites to meet her. at first i thought that we were going to meet at the lobby. but she texted me and told me to meet her at room ****... kala naman meron cyang wedding that day! hehe we found out later on that clarice had set camp in linden suites. hahaha she was ousted from her house because their maid was sick and since her pregnancy is very sensitive, they decided to 'place' her somewhere else. o diva? sosyal si clarice. hahaha... we went through all the details just to make sure that we cover everything. it was good that we did it. since it was able to reinstate lui's confidence in clarice. whew... btw, clarice looks awesome. pregnancy sooo becomes her :) im betting her baby is a girl :)

dec 29 - fitting day!!! i was so excited to finally get a chance to fit my gown! woohoo and it will also be my first time to see the embroideries! what can i say?! i loooove my gown hahaha... it may not be an original design, but i love it still :D im so happy with it. there was a point during my fitting that i thought "kung itakbo ko na lang kaya tong gown na to" hahaha... eventhough the gown wasnt finished yet, i love it already! i cant wait for my final fitting in january!!!

i also like lui's barong, though i may not be good judge since i dont know how a barong should look like hahaha :) my mom's gown is a hit as well. my mom cant stop talking about her gown. feeling nya sya ang ikakasal. lol!

if you want to see pics of my gown, just email me at im trying to keep lui from seeing the gown. para surprise :) he told me that he might laugh at me when he sees me walking down the aisle. i told him, yah do that, ill just turn and walk the other way. :) hahaha! takutan ba?! :)


Dins said...

hi kendz, just checkin' our preps update..i wont say the cliche phrase anymore, hahaha! i''ll be waiting for the pics! =)

neva said...

haha grabe naman yung dragon lady na yun! buti naayos na rin lahat :D can't wait to see your pics kendz! good luck with the last leg of your preps!!

Candy :) said...

hi din! thanks for dropping by. i miss you guys!!!

hi neva, sinabi mo pa!!! sarap talaga buhusan ng tubig yung lady para lang mahimasmasan cya!!! grrrr.. hay oki lang as long as makuha namin yung license namin on monday, ill forgive her :)