Wednesday, November 29, 2006

here we go again...

it seems like it was only yesterday when i posted my entry in friendster about the busy season and now, it's here yet again!

back then, i thought nothing can be harder than working on three of the biggest clients of PwC but nooo... im still handling three clients, one of which is the biggest client of deloitte and two are well, very demanding clients. not to mention, i have the worst manager of all! i swear! she's worse than the worst manager in pw. argh!!! i tremble just thinking of her. yiieee... people are already cursing her. she's causing too much trouble. tsk tsk.

i pray to God that everything will be better. please please please pretty please!

im sooo tired. i feel like my body will just give in any time. and as i've told koya, i might just drop dead at the office and people will just say "o patay." and then just walk away. hehehe. pero sabi nga ni odette, can not. i still have to get married! :)

im sooo stressed, so stressed that im already starting to lose weight. no, im not bragging. im just stating a fact. hehe even a fellow wawie noticed it when i met her this afternoon. her first words were "nangayayat ka!" well, working at least12 hours a day does that to you.

went to buy three pairs of shoes last night. yes three pairs. three! i wasnt planning to. it just happened! hehe.. (it's all carrie's fault! i think ive been watching too much sex and the city.) oh! and i bought a bag. hehe. now i have a charles&keith discount card and feet that hurt like hell! hehehe... well, all for the love of shoes!

p.s i got my waw calendar. sobrang ganda!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This is important!!!

Congratulations to my cousin ENGR. BENEDICT TE YEE!

for not only passing the Civil Engineering board exam but for TOPPING THE BOARD EXAM!!!

WOOOHOOOO! 98.95% DUDE! astig!!!!

libre libre!!! ;)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

my photo website...

i have finally chosen a website to store my photos. webshots... hehe though i might still look for another site provider since webshot is a bit sssslllloooowww..

went to clarke quay and took some shots. not quite happy with my night shots but i love the people shots that i took. :) thanks to my very willing models: aimee, pelo and philip!
check out the site:

i know i still need a lot of practice. some of the pictures i took are still a little BLAH. but will get there. carlo is very patient in teaching me! hehe cant wait for our shooting escapade and our future hidalgo visit! might get those lens! ;p

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this morning, as i was on my way to my client, i had a very nice chit chat with my cab driver. i dont usually talk to cab drivers since I like the quiet time, just cruising on the highway and watching the world pass me by, but today, somehow, I couldn’t resist answering and actually engaging in a conversation with him.

Here’s a very short excerpt of the conversation that took place:

Driver: "excuse me miss, you're not local?"
candy: "no, im not"
D: "i thought so, you dont have our accent" (candy thinking: thank God!) "where are you from ha?"
C: "im from the philippines"
D: "really? oh... you studied here?"
C: "no, i didnt, i studied in the phils and applied for work here"
D: "woa! that must mean you had high reports"
C: "not really..."
D: "so how long have you worked here?"
C: "about a year now" (my default answer hehe)
D: "oh, so you came here with your family?"
C: "no, i didnt. i came here alone"

and on and on and on. we talked about a lot of things: how i got to singapore, his youthful days as a seaman...
we also talked about my profession - auditing: how people leave audit firms after three years, how new employees are worked to death, etc etc he even knwso when the busy season is! He based it on how long the taxi queues in front of our building can get. (auditors rushing to their clients) Astig diba? Talk about being a very good observer!

but there was something he said that really made an impact on me today:

D: "you like singapore? You looked sad just now, saw you just now when you were getting in."

when i heard him say that, I wanted to cry. I wanted to pour my heart out and bawl… I wanted to tell him everything that I feel and how tired I am, but all I did was to remain quiet for a few seconds.

I’ve known for quite some time that im no longer happy. i'm so tired, i'm homesick, i'm lovesick, im miserable. Every waking moment, I think and I pray that all this will be over soon. but I never never realized that I actually look SAD and that people can tell! i am usually a very perky and jolly person (well, most of the time anyway)
but if people i dont even know can tell that im sad, then it must be true. And it must be getting worse than usual. :(

i just hope and pray that things will lighten up a bit. im sooooo tired.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

taking a breather...

these past few weeks, i just feel like im in some kind of a rollercoaster, a never ending rollercoaster ride.

i practically work at least 12 hours a day! as in im ssoooo tired. i feel like i've been pushing myself to the limit! never thought that work can get this hard! (yes, much worse than the CYPMA, UNIPH and AMKAN combination! can you believe it?) maybe one day ill just drop dead. hmm... wont be a suprise if i do.

as the locals say:

what to do lah?

no choice what?

can die lah...


Sunday, November 05, 2006

last of my blog marathon (third in a day!)

im trying to write as much as i can coz God knows when i'll have time to write again.

anyway, last sunday, around this time, we were heading to fort canning park to watch a concert. o diba? sosyal! concert in singapore! hahaha. yah, right. actually, we watched Christian Bautista's concert. hihi

originally, i wasnt planning to go. im not really a big fan or anything, but then i realized, that i actually miss watching concerts and hearing good music. (i used to watch mtv all the time, you can just imagine how music-deprived i am! hehe.)

so we went there. we thought that it was going to be an indoor thingy, but NOOOOOO it had to be outdoors, in the park, where we have to sit on the grass with nothing to cover our butts and did i mention that the heat was scorching? hay... the things you do for the love of your country! hahaha. and i didnt bring my camera! sayang... so many kodak moments. argh.

nevertheless, i actually enjoyed myself! ang gwapo ni christian bautista!!! bwahahaha! yes, he is thin as a pole but heck. gwapo pa din! :) we had a chance to go in front during the concert and take note:

i shook his hand and he stared into my eyes and i almost melted! hahaha! di pa ako big fan nyan ha! ano pa kaya kung number one fan ako! diba ayms? ;p

he's really good-looking. and he has a great voice! he seems nice enough and the crowd just absolutely loved him! hehe...


a malaysian friend of ours in singapore just got married last Monday. i never had the chance to attend a real chinese wedding so i was excited and eager to go.

here are some of the things that they did in a different way:

1. instead of the usual wedding toast with speeches and all, the bride and groom's family were asked to go in front for the toast. what happens next is really bizaarreeeee... they started yelling "yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as in yelled. yes YEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! hahaha.. it was so funny and i was so out of sorts that i didnt know if i should shout with them or not! the long "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ended with a chorus of "se!" i think they repeated it three times! it was really funny!

2. their avp was different, whereas the avps in the phils will show parts of the preps, the church ceremony and snapshots of the reception, theirs showed how the guy went to the girl's house and "bargained" with the bride's family to let him in! he had to do all sorts of thing that the bride's family asked him to do. he had to sing, wear diapers, offer jewelries and give lots and lots of money to the bride's family! very different avp right?

3. this i think is the most unconvential and most different part of a singapore wedding vs. a phil wedding. in singapore, you have to give at least $80-$100 to the newly weds. it's not optional. it is mandatory. they dont tell you that you have to give, it's just automatic. you NEED to give. it's a well-know tradition and no one objects. in the phils, good luck man! hahaha. it's very taboo to ask for money in exchange for gifts, let alone ask money as entrance fee!!! hahaha

all in all, you can say that the weddings here are completely different; but one thing is certain, no matter where a wedding is, there will always be love, family, good friends, great food and lots of booze! :)

i love their centertable, ganda no?

villa escudero and then some...

lui and i have always loved travelling. in our almost two years together, we have been to so many places! we've been to galera, china, tagaytay, malagos park (davao) and a whole lot of more.

we figured that since we're both going back to manila, we might as well plan a trip right? so we chose and chose and chose and finally decided on villa escudero. :) hehe

i think one of the main reasons why we chose the place is because, it has a great view and lui thought that this was my chance to practice with my new camera. ooowww... sweet diba? :)

hehe... anyway, with a very short map/route description we got from the net, a car borrowed from my sister, my 350D, money and water, we headed out for our new adventure.

the place was beeaaautiful! :) yah, it was kinda far, but i think it was well worth it. :) the scenery was spectacular. we took the day tour which included a museum tour, a carabao ride, lunch by the waterfall and so much more.

here are some of the favorite shots i took:(out of the many shots i took, these are the only ones i liked! hahahah)

took this on the way to villa e. still inside the car. :)

tried different exposure and contrast. cant remember the setting though hahahaha

shot this with Tv mode. my favorite pic of all! :) hehemr pogi with his white butt. hehehe...

lui proved to be a great companion, he was very patient even if he had to wait for me take lots of shots. oh and he's so nice to pose for me while i tried to take different modes of shots! hehehe


on one of the nights that i was in manila, my family treated us to dinner at dampa macapagal.. woah! ang sarap tlaga. the market there is quite nice. not muddy but still smelled pungent. hehehe.. but the food was great! we ate at G squared palutuan. super sarap tlaga. especially the tempura. a must try tlaga! :) hehehe. sarap. i really enjoyed that dinner. try it!!!

wento wento lang. :)

finally! finally i have time to update my blog! :)

went back to the phils last oct. 20. it was deepavali and haliraya last oct. 23 and 24 so we had a long long weekend. so, instead of staying here and doing nothing, i opted to go home. :) and the BEST thing about my homecoming is that Lui decided to go back to Manila as well! yey! hihihi...

anyways, some updates on wedding preps first.

i had a trial makeup with angie on oct 20. i thought it was a good time to have a trial since im there and i dont know when ill be going back next (well yeah, ill be going back in december, but i am SURE that all the suppliers will be busy then. december being a wedding season and all)

the makeup session went well. i believe angie and i got along real well. we both love makeup so on that aspect, we really jived! :) he/she even suggested some makeup brand and colors that will suit me. hehehe

feedback on the makeup though: since i do my own makeup most of the time, im very particular with it. i know what looks good on me and what doesnt. the makeup angie did was beautiful. he made me look fresh and hid all my dark circles. but i believe the foundation he used was lighter than my skin color and the shadow she used was very light. i wanted my eyeshadow to be a darker brown shade. hehe but i guess it was my fault since i didnt tell him what i wanted. anyway, next time if i do decide to get him, i will let him know what i want. :)

on the same day, we went to meet with our AE in Josiah's, Mherlyn. Clarice wasnt able to join us since she had a wedding on the same day. Lui, his mom and myself went to the foodtasting. we arrived there past 9pm already! good thing the AEs were nice and they still entertained us. (hehe naligaw kasi kami diba lui?)

the food was FANTASTIC! i absolutely loved the mongolian barbeque they served us! i believe my FMIL (future mother in law) liked it as well because she even asked for the recipe! hahaha. :) i also enjoyed the scrumptous fish that they served us! yum yum yum! sarap. hehehe... and im pretty sure that lui enjoyed the food. he finished all his food! either he liked the food or he was extremely hungry! hehe peace teddy!

aside from those, they served us all sorts of pasta and beef. the beef was very tender. (tender tlaga kasi lui was able to finish it, parang walang braces ah! hahaha) but for the pasta, well i've already decided that we wont be serving any kind of pasta. (sorry to all pasta lovers hehe) just think first date: never order pasta on first dates. hehe im applying the same principle. since people will be all dressed up and made up on our wedding i dont want them to have 'accidents' so to speak. hassle kasi kainin ang pasta! hehehe.

i think that's all we accomplished this time. we were supposed to meet alex franco and mang boy but we decided not to. i wanted to enjoy my vacation. :)