Monday, July 28, 2008

happy birthday best! :)

my bestfriend - Dave; we have a unique friendship since we dont really hang with the same group. however, we were able to build a solid relationship based on passing letters in school :)

i still remember those days when we'd see each other in the school corridors and would take turns asking each other "where's my letter??" we'd write everywhere! in a piece of scratch paper, at the back of an exam paper, tissue, etc... name it, we've done it :) those letters were really precious as it helped me go through high school. i'd rant, gush on my crush, dream on those letters :)

when we graduated we continued to write each other thru e-mails (thank god for technology!) or call each other. hay i sure miss those days :)

i remember during the wedding, when clarice asked the men to carry me, my barkada all volunteered him to carry me :p haha maybe they know he wont drop me? or maybe, they dont think they can carry me? hmmm hahaha

any... happy birthday bestfriend DAVE! :)

eventhough I'm not around for your birthday, I truly hope that you'll have a great birthday! go have fun and drink lots! :p you're still my ONE FRIEND :)

his and hers

to celebrate our 6th monthsary (well, not really. it just gives us a good excuse for splurging hihih)

we each got a NOKIA E71 :)

both phones are under installment, so basically, we have to wait 1 year to say that they're ours :p

i wanted to get the white phone at first... but i decided against it because it looks too white - read: too fragile. :) knowing myself, i'll just toss it inside my bag and leave it there. hehe so white is a big NO-NO.

so far, im loving the phone :) i've always wanted a semi-PDA phone and i guess this is it! :D

Friday, July 25, 2008


whew! it was one hell of a week! im just so happy that it's over!


happy weekend everybody! :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


today has really been a hectic and very depressing day...

for one, my work sucks... i mean, i can deal with the stress of my work - the overtime, the juggling of two to three (or sometimes 10) clients at a time, etc etc what i can't deal with is clients who are sooooooooo f*cked up that they'd do anything to make your life miserable. shet tlaga. for the first time since i joined my present company, i stormed my partner's room and literally ranted about our client. i wont let the client give my partner the impression that im inept. i just wont have it. i was so pissed that i really felt that i was having a heart attack. my heart was palpitating and i had a hard time breathing.... good thing my partner is understanding. (i hope he meant what he said). but i was really near to tears when i was ranting in his office. i couldnt even sit down. sighs....

second, my tax assessment just came. just when i was getting used to the thought that it will never come. it comes and haunt me :( at least the tax rate here is around 10% - 12% lang. not as bad as phils.

third, my laptop is acting up on me. i've been meaning to bring it to the service center but we keep procrastinating. i really think we need to bring it to HP this weekend :( i've been using lui's laptop for the past week na.

they say good things come in threes. i hope it's the same way with bad things. i hope nothing else comes along.... hay...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

leaving on a jet plane...

exagerrated i know :)

im just ECSTATIC that im finally going back to the phils after almost 9 whole months. the last time i went back was last january pa, for the wedding... as compared to last year, which saw me flying home almost every 2 months!!!

so we're finally heading home on the 30th of aug then flying straight to davao the following day. :) it's going to be a hectic but fun-filled week for us!

aside from that, i've booked our flights home for december na din! via SINGAPORE AIRLINES. woot... hahaha first time for me. i did a comparison between PAL and SQ and it turned out the later was cheaper. (cebu pacific is no longer an option for us. no way...)

at first we were contemplating on staying in SG because of the steep flight tickets as well as the fact that we're going back in January for our anniversary anyway (bora baby! sa wakas. hahaha) but christmas and new year is still best spent with family and loved ones. no one can convince me otherwise.

so yah, im taking out my dancing shoes and dancing to my happy tune :) because...


Friday, July 04, 2008

happy 5th year anniversary to star circle batch 1!

it's been 5 very long years guys...

first outing in tagaytay
2nd outing in galera (bkit di na nasundan???)

congratulations friend, the star circle batch 1 champion :D

meron na nag new zealand, merong sydney, 3 sa singapore, and 1 sa miami, but we are still the star circle batch 1 and the best batch ever! :p

sana naman magkaroon pa tayo ng outing part 3! nasan na napunta ang hong kong natin?!

shet! i cant believe that this is my 5th year in audit (and counting?)...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

spot the difference

my friends and i were laughing at these pics a few weeks after the wedding. i just remembered about this today. hehehe.

go ahead, spot the difference :p

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

voice mail and people

i had 4 unheard messages in my voice mail today (yes, i am bad at retrieving messages). as i was listening to the messages, i realized that diff people leave diff kinds of messages.

for example... the first message was from an unknown person who left a useless message on my phone. i literally had to wait for around 5 mins to hear the whole message which consisted of nothing but background sound (i think the person left the phone hangging, but who would do that?!). this shows me that the person who did that is completely clueless. hehe or just too busy to be bothered with putting down the phone :)

the second and third messages were from my mom. she's so cute. hahaha she sounds so fierce in the messages. she left a very short and straight to the point message: "candy, text ka pag available ka na. ako tawag" o diva? no his or hellos. hehehe i think she's too shy to leave a message :) that's why she said everything in haste. that's my mom, she's really the shy type (kuno! hehe)

the fourth message was from my dad. complete opposite of my mom. he's so used to talking to a voice machine (maybe because i keep 'missing' his calls) hehehe. his was a long message saying something like i should give him a miss call when i get the message and he'll call me and we can catch up. it just shows how confident my dad is. somehow, im lucky i got that trait from him (i hope yun lang hehe)

wala lang. obviously, i have no better things to do or blog about. i've been deported to woodlands for 3 weeks without any access to the outside world (read: internet) buti na lang im back at the ofc! :)

yun lang... nothing much to say. my head hurts. im just waiting for lui to come home. nyt!