Sunday, December 10, 2006

goodbye... :(

i heard the terrible news yesterday from Margarita. I was dreading that moment because i knew a text from marge at that hour could only mean one thing. and i was right...

for two days or so, being true to my optimistic self, i thought that everything will be better. i convinced myself that nothing will go wrong... that judy will be able to get over this. that she'll wake from her coma and we'll still see her cheerful and welcoming smile. but i was wrong... Judy was declared dead at 10pm on Dec 8. I was shocked. i was so devastated...

Judy and I went to the same university. We belonged to the same block... Block2. We were together in some of the classes and we really clicked. though she and i belonged to different circles of friends, i can honestly say that she was a good friend of mine.

I remember i used to copy her notes and her homework and even her testpapers. She's too nice not to let me. She's like that, she doesnt have a mean bone on her... She was smart, funny, cheerful, very friendly and fun to be with... And she was my best customer. i think she had bought at least 3 cellphones from me. I will fondly remember that.

but now, now judy is gone. i will never be able to see her ever again. i wasnt even able to visit her during her last moments, i wasnt there to reach out a comforting hand when she found out... i wasnt even able to help out because i was too busy. :(

judy, though we might not be that close, please know that i have always considered you as my friend. you are truly a wonderful person. and you will surely be missed... :( we love you judy. thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us. thank you for being a part of our lives. you will always be remembered...

goodbye judai... :'(

my 20 sumthing bday. :)

i just celebrated my first birthday away from home. and i must say, it really feels different when you are not celebrating with your family and loved-ones. i think i miss my family more today than any other day i spent here in singapore. :(

anyway, my day started quite late. around 10am. i can hardly sleep that night because of a bad news i got from my close friend, marge. i was intending to sleep in but aimee woke me up to tell me i had a visitor.

still disoriented and straight out of bed, i went out to greet philip. i knew it was philip because i can hear helena (his beautiful guitar) but i was surprised to see that pelo, glenda and koya were there!!! i was really dumb-founded! my hair was still sticking out and all over the place and i was still in my pjs for heaven's sake!!! :) hahaha!!!

i remembered last year's bday when alvin and penny and my kiddies surprised me with a bday cake. i was surprised then, but this, this is a totally new level!!! koya??? 10 am??? hahaha... that was really something!

it had been a long time since i had to blow the candle, that i had to blow it twice! hahah because... i blew it at the wrong time the first time. i was so excited that i didnt wait for them to finish the bday song before i blew the candle. pelo was like "huh??? diba dapat tapusin muna kanta?" hahah. i was "ay ganun ba? sige take two." hahaha! it was really hilarious.

then i had a small dinner party with only close friends invited. i didnt want to spend my bday with people i hardly know and to have to play host because they might feel left out. so i decided, just close friends. we had filipino food and i loved it! sarap ng lumpia! philip also made his ever famous black sambo. yum!

koya texted me "i had a great time. it was how i like it. small and private" i too had a great time... it was nice being around friends, its no substitute for family, but it rocks. :)

thank you to all who greeted me. im deeply touched. a lot of the people who greeted me were people from assurance that i had worked with one time or another. which makes me miss all the good times i had in pwc. hehe. thanks to you all...

my bday wish? i almost cried when i made my bday wish. my bday wish was that Judy was in a better place and that she has now joined God's realm. I wish that she's now at peace and happy.

We miss you Judy. You are an amazing person. We love you. :'(

Saturday, December 02, 2006

being alone and my love-hate relationship

i think for the first time since i moved to singapore, im left home alone. as philip said, i am usually the one who leaves behind my housemates (to go back to the phils) but now, the tables have turned, they are away and im here all alone. buhuhu... the house is too quiet...

actually it's not that bad. now i can walk around the house in nothing but my shirt and underwear! (well have to make sure to close the curtains or my neighbors may get a free show! ngehehe) im planning to clean up the house tom. hopefully i dont get lazy... hihi my things are all over the place. even I am finding the place too messy! hihi... have to clean up. planning to hold a party next week. ;p

friday night is movie night!!! :) i think for the past few weeks / months, we've been alloting our fridays to gimik or to movies. which is perfectly fine with me. i need time, even a couple of hours, to take my mind off work. hay... so tiring. so tired already! anyway, i just came from the movie house with pelo, glenda and philip. we watched open season! it's so funny... :) i think it's better than happy feet though happy feet is cuter! cute cute!!!
i have this love-hate relationship... with my SHOES! as ive said i bought two pairs of shoes. and ghad! they hurt!!! huhuhu my feet still sting from wearing the nicest-shoes-ive-ever-bought-in-my-entire-life. wehehe... not that my feet are bleeding or anything... i guess after wearing nothing but slippers for the past few months, my feet are bound to protest! hihi... nice no? this is my pa-cute shoes... the other one is my "work" shoes.