Sunday, May 27, 2007

wento wento lang

been so busy for the past few weeks that i havent had time to update my blog. actually nothing much have been done for wedding preps as well, but im not worried coz i know clarice has everything covered. (plus we'll cover a lot of grounds in aug)

anyway, i was supposed to go back to philippines in aug... but as time passed, i knew i couldnt wait that long anymore! so i booked myself tickets to go home in june. it's just a five-days visit so im not planning to do much but to stay at home and sleep sleep sleep...

i havent gone to the gym for almost a week. usually im too busy to go or im just too darn tired. :(

i've been sick for the past few days. i have a bout of gastric viral flu or something like that...

we had a wawsg eb last friday... im so glad i was able to meet my wawie friends again! i missed them so much. grabe they're getting married one by one. kainggit hehe.

oh, it's philip's and cresta's birthday today. happy birthday you guys! i miss you sooo much!

my shopping spree is officially over. i have to stop buying things or ill shop my entire salary away!!! i got two lacoste shirts (my first lacoste woohoo!), esprit shirt, levis pants, iora shirt and pants, mac makeup and a lot more! hey, it's the great singapore sale... you can't be on an island where everything is on sale and not buy anything right? hahaha. hala. wrong line of thinking. erase erase erase. hehe.

that's all for now... no pics to attach. :( havent uploaded anything recently...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Our Celestial Rings

The hunt for our wedding rings is finally over!!! :D It took us a long time to finally find the pair we wanted and it was not easy indeed!

In all honesty, we did get a pair last year. Call it excited, call it stupid... but we ended up getting our wedding bands from SooKee soon after our engagement.

But as time passed by, I began to have doubts. The rings were so simple and were too thin. There's no oomph or wow factor. Yes. That's a bit OA but I wanted something that we would really love... And the rings will stay with us till forever right? So we might as well get ourselves a pair that we would like to wear for a long time right? (please say yes hahaha)

After a while (after several long talks, arguments, and a lot persuasion on my side), we decided to get a new pair. Weee :D

So when Lui visited last April, one of our iterinary was to scout for wedding rings. It took us two tries - the first one didnt get us anywhere cos we didnt know what we were looking for. The second was a long and painful process but we managed to succeed! hehe drama.

Here's the story on our ring hunting escapade.. We went to Vivo city and I think we visited each and every jewelry store there! We looked and looked. We tried on so many rings. We collected so many calling cards but we finally found our rings on the last store we visited. Hahaha.

Before going in the Goldheart store, we already saw one pair of rings in Lee Hwa. They were white gold, half matte and half shiny with a princess cut diamond in the middle. From all the rings we tried on, we liked that ring the most. Plus it was within budget. (We want identical rings and it was hard to look for identical cos most of the time the guy's ring doesnt have any stones hehehe lugi nga daw sabi ni lui. )

But, when we tried on the ring in Goldheart, what can I say? It was love at first try! hahaha

As soon as Lui tried on the ring, we knew that IT was it. It was gorgeous. Yes, it was more than we budgeted for, but it was soooo beautiful! That was it. There was no turning back. :) Lui even said that he dreams about the ring. hahaha that's how much we liked them!

So after Lui left for the Philippines, I waited for his go signal and when he gave it, i finally went to get our rings from the store. Sadly, the right sizes were not available so I had to come back and get it.

The second time I went back, the ring could not fit my finger! Anu bahhh!! And the lady was insisting that I get the size 18 for Lui when in fact his finger size is 21! Kainis talga. So I had to give them another try and get the right ring sizes....

After a week of no news from them, I called them up. I checked if the rings were there and they told me that they'd call me back when they are there! ABA!!! hmmm... My blood was boiling and I couldnt concentrate at work so I called back. Buti na lang the pinoy salesman answered...I asked "Kuya, kayo po ba to?" And then he said "Uy kaw pala yan!' So I explained my situation. I told him if possible to get at least two sizes each for the rings so that I can try on different sizes when i get there and dont have to go back. At first he told me that they will try to do that and then he said maybe I can go back to the store and finalize the size before they have it delivered. Anu bahhhhhh nakakainis na talga. As if I had a choice no, of cors I said yes, that I'll go back that afternoon to try on sizes (again!).

I really wanted to rant about their lack of customer service. But good thing was when i got to the store, all the rings were there! Sizes 9 and 11 for me and sizes 18 and 20 for Lui. According to Kuya Ron, they just arrived that afternoon! (I think they got scared coz I talked to Ron for almost 30 friggin minutes) So I tried them on. They were forcing me to get the size 11 ring... But I didnt like it coz the ring keeps moving around and the diamond moves to the back... The size 9 naman was a bit small. I told them I wanted size 10 or 10 and a half. The girl (which i didnt want to talk to) said that they'll have the size 11 resized. I told her to go ahead. Then finally when I said i didnt want it, tada, they take out a ring which is the perfect fit. Hay nako!!! But i had to pay extra 16 bucks coz it was a higher quality diamond DAW. As for Lui's naman, I got the size 20. Hoping that it will fit... Anyway, I can exchange naman daw if it doesnt.

So finally I got the rings. Sigh after four trips there. I finally got it. And the sales people were very apologetic about all that happened that they gave me additional discount for the ring i bought for myself. hehehe. but that's supposed to be a secret. so hush hush na lang :D

Good thing na lang tlaga that Kuya Ron was there. Because he was really helpful. And he explained to me carefully and slowly why "I should get this and not this". I also asked his opinion on the sizes and he gamely gave his two cents. hehe

At least I finally got the rings... Our rings are from the Celestial Wedding Bands collection, two-toned. The outer lining is rose gold while the middle is white gold. Each ring has a solitary diamond which are certified. :) and we both love it!!!

Here's a pic I took :)