Friday, August 29, 2008

manila oh manila

here i come! :D

leaving for manila tonight!!! :) yeba! can't wait... it's been more than 6 months since i went home. sana kilala pa ko ng doggie ko! :) hehe

ladila. im soo excited!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

from a wawie to a nawie (sg version)

we had an EB weeks and weeks ago (sorry this is long overdue na!!!) the transition from being a wawie (weddings @ work members) to a nawie (newlyweds @ work)? it was amazing!

before there were not stop chikahan about suppliers, gowns, photogs, venues, budgets and what nots. everything and anything that has to do with wedding - we covered. NOW it was pregnancy, getting pregnant, diet, work, family... basically anything and everything in LIFE :)

i guess it's a great thing that the group here in SG is quite strong. coz even past wedding stuff we still have a lot to talk about. and it comforts me to know that nothing changed - an EB is still an EB :) nonstop gabfest to the highest level!!!!

but the last EB we had? OH BOY! it was the longest running EB ever! tin and i met at around 12 to grab lunch together. around 2, the other wawies started coming. until finally we ended at 6pm!!! LOL grabe we had so much to talk about!!! i think if time permitted, we would have stayed until dinner! :)

thanks to my fellow wawies, eventhough we rarely meet up, i know that you will always be there! hope that we continue growing and adding new members to our FAMILY :) at sana ang mga oldies, mag sulputan naman! hehehe mwahs to all!

you can view the pictures here

Monday, August 25, 2008

tampines swimming complex

last sat, lui and i were supposed to go jogging in the morning, but as soon as stepped outside, the rain started to drop. so instead of wasting the effort of waking up early, we decided to finally visit the swimming complex. :p

flashback: couple of months ago, i told lui that i want to start swimming again. aside from helping me lose weight, i know it will help me tone my muscles... but after that day, we never had the chance to go! hahaha i even bought a suit! but never used it until last saturday.

what i saw pleased me! the swimming complex was huge with 2 olympic sized pools and 2 other smaller pools for kids. the locker was (amazingly) clean and HUGE!!! i loved it... it erased all my anxiety of trying public pools. (trauma na ata sa pinas)

i swam total of 5 laps. man, was i out of shape! my lungs were burning, my arms were aching, my thigh was going numb. but all in all it had been great! managed to teach lui how to basic swim! :D

so will i go back? DEFINITELY!

Monday, August 18, 2008

another feature... another great supplier

weeee... we got featured again!

this morning, ms v sent me an email - which is quite rare :) hahaha... it was a short message which went:

uy check mo yung link! si-nend nung isang bride ko :-)

the said link was this :

hehe I LOOOVVEEEE my suppliers!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

my first ever coach bag -

that i actually bought! (the rest were gifts)

i am sooo i could never dream of buying a coach bag when i was still working in the phils, but now i can. :) but i guess im still too practical to get the real expensive bags. hihi and i think i'll never own an LV bag - well, maybe until i get around 250k pesos sweldo per month :)

so without further ado.. let me introduce, my new coachie :) (thanks to my friend audrey who got it all the way from San Fro hihihi)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

video song list - threelogy

finally, after 10 years, was finally able to come up with the list of songs for our video. some of the songs we selected because we love the song, some, we chose on whim (ngeeeee).

most of the songs are alternative. we dont want cheesy (classic) love songs, except for the ones that we really really like :) (hope our video still turns out nice though)

here's the list:

1. Accidentally In love
2. First Time (Lifehouse)
3. Time of my Life (David Cook)
4. Our Lives (the calling)
5. Guardian Angel
6. Lovely
7. Feels like home
8. always be my baby (david cook)
9. the time of times by badly drawn boy
10. two words (lea salonga)
11. arithmetic (brooke fraser)
12. Im yours (jason mraz)
13. man and wife
14. you and me
15. bubbly

let me know what you think!!!