Friday, January 18, 2008

catching up @ 9 days to go

i havent been able to update my blog for the past few days coz i flew back to manila last wednesday and had been running around doing wedding preps

here's a recap on what has been happening for the past few days:

jan 15 - met up with my wawsg friends for dinner... it was the very first time that i felt nervous about the wedding. hahaha dun ko lang nafeel na sobrang lapit na pala tlaga ng wedding!!! kaloka!!! hahaha

jan 16 - flew back to the phils. as soon as i landed my mom told me that we had to go to rob place manila to buy some stuff (yes my mom is talking to me na! hehehe she texted me on tuesday telling me that she's picking me up... hehehe). by 'stuff' she meant things that i have to buy to bring to lui's house! (pillows, towels, etc) haha i was in total shock.. so many things to do pala before you get married!

jan 17 - after my mom showed me the things she already bought as my 'dowry' (which is really a lot! i dont know how we will fit all of them in lui's room!!! hahaha) we headed to divisoria to look for ribbons, fans and what nots! its the first time i've been to divisoria for a veeeerrry verrry long time and it was very er unique experience :) at least it wasnt as crowded and as muddy as i remembered it to be. oh!! i also got my first checking account! can't wait to sign my first check! hihi...

after divi, we went to ongpin to buy some 'hee' and some red packets to give to entous and suppliers... by this time, i am close to fainting from hunger! but my mom was really on a roll!!! (good thing my other relatives are not coming until later, so they wont be able to tell me what i need and need not do. kaloka!!!)

when we finished buying stuff in ongpin, we headed home for lunch... i thought our work is done for the day. but noooo... my mom instructed me to put the souvenirs into boxes and to put ribbons on them - as you may recall, i mentioned in a blog posted previously that my auntie's friend gave me souvenirs as her wedding gift - so now, we had to put each souvenir into boxes and tie them up with ribbon to make it look more interesting! anu vaaaahhh... kapagod!!! (my role now is "candy, ang babaeng walang pahinga!!!" bwahahaha!)

soo, you think after all that i'll be able to rest na?! well, you're wrong, my mom again, dragged me to rob place to do some last min shopping (apparently, aside from the 'dowry', the bride also has to have at least 12 pairs of new clothing! eeehh i didnt buy anything from singapore! i think i tried on so many clothes that i was begging "no more!!" from my mom! hahaha)

at the end of all of that, my head was in tremendous pain!!! by 11 pm i was dead asleep! hahaha... first time for me really.

jan 18 - while i was waiting for lui to get to our house, i was going thru my list of songs for the avp and onsite and trying to shortlist it (really!) it is really painful for me!!! hahaha i cant decide talaga!

lui arrived at our house and we were just hanging out at the house, passing time, before we head out to shrine of jesus for our canonical interview. lo and behold, clarice called me up... the first thing she asked me was "ms kendz, nakaupo ba kayo?" when somebody greets you with a question like that, you know it can't be good news...

wahhhh!!! apparently, our priest to be, father erick, cannot officiate our wedding ceremony cause his license has already expired and he cant renew it on time... uwaaahhh... so to make things less complicated, we just told clarice that we'll 'settle' for soj's priest... apparently, soj doesnt have an inhouse priest (according to the lady in soj office) and we have to call them on sunday to check if they are able to find a priest to officiate the wedding!!! anuu vahh :( problems problems problems. tsskk.

anyway, silver lining is - the canonical interview went well. i was so anxious before the interview that i even asked some wawies on what questions are going to be asked during the interview. but apparently, my worry was needless. coz everything went well. i actually enjoyed the interview... :)

anyway, thats all for now. will try to update as much as possible.

grabbbeeeeeee lapit na!!!

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neva said...

grabe kendz! don't forget to rest! baka magkasakit ka nyan before the big day, mahirap na. hingang malalim sis :D kaya mo yan!