Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one-eyed jack

hayyyy naku tlaga katangahan ko tlaga kagabi.

went to yoga class last night and hit the shower right after. as i was hanging my towels, natamaan yung mata ko ng towel and i knew immediately that my contact lens was gone!!!

argh and i was in the shower room na!!!! i wanted to cry. i knew the possibility of finding my contacts is really really slim. meron kasi sa sahig yung parang butas butas na plastic (ano tawag dun?). i kept thinking "how am i supposed to go home with one eye!?"

for those who know me well, you'll know that i am as good as blind without my contacts... so you can just imagine the dilemma i was in!!! i mean, i wouldnt have a problem if i lost it at home (touch wood) coz i can ask my mom to have a new set made from phils and send to me and i can wear glasses to work everday. but the real problem was - how to get home?!

eventually i had to squat, kneel and basically made kapa to the floor (yuckyyyyyy). i kept looking for almost 5 mins ata and i really really wanted to cry na... finally i gave up. i stood up and started dusting my hands and lo and behold, it's there! somehow, it stuck to my hand when i knelt and felt the floor (i think)

hay tlaga. so i washed it very carefully and for a long time with hot water (i hope i dont get any eye infections).

grabe tlaga last night. argh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

coldplay concert

okay, im not really prepared to blog about this just yet - i was going to wait for lui's photos and videos to be uploaded before i blog.

BUT was listening to Magic89.9 on the net and "Viva La Vida" played and omg, i kid you not, i got goosebumps and all the wonderful memories of the concert just came rushing in!!!

omg it was fanstastic! it is the GREATEST and most AMAZING concert i've been to... i was lucky enough to watch the corrs, mandy moore and maroon 5 but this concert just tops it all!!!

from the yellow balloons that came out during the song, the mexican wave, the costumes, the production, the confetti and most especially the live feed. grabe... i think if they render the entire live feed, they can immediately sell it na as DVD - it was that amazing. even the live feed was extremely thougth of! galing tlaga! super audience participation pa! there was one point where they moved from the stage to the audience area (as in audience no bars in between) and we were soo green with envy... wahhhhhhh... will post videos soon so you'll know what im talking about :)

lui and i loved every moment of it. to think we didnt know most of the songs ha. just the really popular ones. but we loved it sulit talaga!

pa-b happy, ma-b happy that pa-b loved his 'magsyota' anniversary gift!!! :D

will post pics and videos soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

budget budget

mitchie and i was talking about budgeting and saving up for our ultimate goals. she sent me a copy of the budget template that she uses.

i used it and really really tried to be as realistic as possible (what's the purpose of a budget if you wont be able to follow it anyway?)

anywayzzz, based on the result of the computation, if you combine my salary and lui' salary and minus all expenses. we can actually save approx $1500+++ per month!!! wtf! where does all that money go? huhuhu and that's on top of the 1500 monthly amortization that we need to pay!! meaning dapat net savings e nasa 3000+++ !!!! whhhaaaattttt huhuhuhu. but i dont save much every month. huhuhu

im blaming my credit cards. sh*t im throwing those cards away!!!! huhuhuhu... :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

buono bread

discovered this thru mama benz - i swear mas marami pang alam si mama benz na masarap kainin dito sa singapore kesa sa akin! lol.

at first, i didn't understand what the craze is about. it's just bread for heaven' sake! and it's $19 per loaf!!! what?!!!!!!!

but i guess you have to try it to appreciate it :) they give out samples in takashimaya and it was really really nice. ended up buying one loaf for myself and buying some for mama benz (besos!). you can taste the great blend of bread and margarine in every bite. yummy tlaga!!! and it's not a small loaf... i swear my hand got tired of bringing two loaves! it was sooo heavy!

argh there goes my 'diet' hahaha. i oath to not to take more than two slices in a day... 1 for bfast and 1 for merienda lang dapat! haha i wish i can keep to that. yummy tlaga... even lui liked it. if not for the steep price, lui would have loved it! :D

so sg peeps, head on down to takashimaya and try it. :)

blogger's block

whats wrong with me?

i have so many things that i want to write about but i just can't seem to start writing!!!

wahhh... am i getting so lazy that i can't even start my brain's engine for a measly blog? huhuhuhu...

wala lang... siguro if i start writing ill start losing weight? hahhaha. nangarap.

i will blog again. i will lose weight too!

coming up: coldplay...

Saturday, March 07, 2009


been quiet for a looonnnggg time. i can't even remember when was the last time i posted a blog entry. yikes... parang di ako. :(

it's not that im busy at work coz really, im not busy. work has started to dwindle down and we have more time on our hands. maybe that's why... nothing has been happening ergo no blog entry hahaha :)

what have i been up to? nothing much really... just lying low and resting - been sick a lot of times. oh! i started golfing! woot i didnt know i'll have a natural knack for it!! lol thinking of getting pro classes with a bunch of my officemates.

travels are in the pipeline - going back to hk for holy week (if everything goes as planned), going to ho chi mihn for labor day weekend (cresta, hotel, dont forget), and several trips back to ph! (sorry mama benz, i really cant go back for the 10th waw anniv).

oh! we're watching coldplay!! woot! with m+k! double woot! :D

several movies that i loved: curious case, slumdog, watchmen (yes i liked it), marley & me (i cried still! i cried reading the book and i still cried over the movie. what a total crybaby), hmm what else... oh! he's just not into you. loved it. :) im waiting for confessions to come out, hopefully that will be good. (i dont like the actress though)

american idol is such a blah this year. i havent seen a really great singer, unlike last season...

ready "there's no place like here" by cecelia ahern... we'll see how that goes :)

oh im trying to be a pescataria (tama ba steph?). im trying to lose weight... need to lose at least 5kgs. hmmmmm achievable? errr... dunno. hahaha. another "we'll see how that goes"

hmmm i guess that's all for the update. hehe hopefully ill be more active starting now :D