Friday, March 28, 2008

i love this pic!

my baby gabby is feeling a lot better...

the good news is... no more diarrhea and blood
the bad new is... no pupu for two days!

my mom is going crazy with worry... i dont know if no pupu is better or not but at least her appetite is back.

anyway, as always, mom sent me a picture of gabby... i find this pic hilarious! :) candid ata to... gabby just woke up :)

"grandma, ano ba gawa mo... antok pa ako...."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My baby is sick :(

Heard from my mom that my Gabby has diarrhea with splotches of blood :( im am such a worried mom right now. how i wish i can just go home to the phils and fret over her :( this is breaking my heart huhuhu...

my mom sent me this pic... wahh i can see that she's not feeling well (she's pouting) huhuhu... take care baby... mommy will be home soon. :'(

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

canon nikon canon nikon canon nikon

i can't decide :(

planning to give my old 350D to my sister as her bday gift (hehe cheapskate i know hahaha)

i decided to NOT buy the coach bag but to upgrade my cam instead. im more of a techie than a girly girly person hahaha... (maybe next time bwahahaha)

now im torn between canon 30D or 40D and nikon coz i got some lenses that i can still use. sayang din naman. nikon coz i really think the picture quality (in terms of color is really better)

help me!! steph? mitch? karen? carlo? mimi? karl? wanda? any suggestions?! (hehe)

muni muni...

Friday, March 14, 2008

my first take on YOGA

after almost 2 months, i finally forced my lazy ass to go back to the gym - and what a comeback! :D i went for body jam and then went and tried my first ever yoga class...

the verdict? it was great! :) i left with all my muscles aching but i really feel good. (i have a principle: muscle aint aching = not effective workout hehe)

but... it was a really weird experience for me :) for one thing, half of the time, i can barely understand what the instructor was talking about... here are some examples:

case 1:
instructor: feel the energy coming from your feet
kendz thinking: i feel pain... does that equate to energy? hehehe

case 2:
instructor: imagine yourselves as trees
kendz thinking: errr... i feel more like a falling tree (timbreeee) hahaha i cant keep my balance!!!

case 3:
instructor: put your upper butt (was it butt or cheek? i really cant remember) on your lower butt
kendz thinking: huh?! upper and lower butt?! wtf! all the while i thought i only had one butt!!! lol

case 4:
instructor: (while the class is doing an inverted triangle/mountain - sorry still not familiar with the terms. haha basta the one where you're in all fours but your butt is sticking out and pointing to the sky hehe) if you do this right, you will be able to hold this position for 10 mins without feeling pain
kendz thinking: is he f*cking serious?! dont tell me we'll stay in this position for 10 mins!! and what the does he mean by no pain?! heller!!! i can hardly hold myself up! my hands are dying.. come back come back hahaha

case 5: (while doing the same position as case 4)
instructor: find your balance... feel the energy... now lift your left leg and now your right arm
kendz thinking: OMG... he might as well ask me to fly!!!

bwahahaha :D sorry for the sarcasm. but really i did enjoy the class. will i go back? definitely :D but i have to be careful on what classes i join... they might really ask me to fly the next time :D hahaha! but it'll sure be great if i'll be able to do this next time as well :D (thanks for the inspiration friend!)

please help me choose (coach bag)

i need help... im so torn between these two bags... this is a VERY big decision for me. (omg, these bags are not CHEAP!!!) first time to buy such an expensive bag. waahhhh

anyway, can you help me decide which one to get? i have 6 hours to go hehe. (hi hanna)

option a: ($348)
or option b: ($328)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yahoo :D

i've been worrying about lui's dependent pass since i havent heard from ministry of manpower for almost a month (i sent the documents to our HR 12th of February pa)

but thanks to my fellow wawies in SG (wawsg rules hahaha), i was able to take a look at the status of lui's DP.
APPROVED NA! :D yipeee...

post-wedding changes

now that im hitched, people keep asking me: "so, how's married life?"

my default answer will be: "same same. nothing changed really" hehe not much changes considering that we're still not living under the same roof. im in singapore and lui is still in davao. so technically, im just married in paper :)

i guess i'll know the REAL answer to that question in one week's time :) hee... :)

but one thing though... now that i'm married, i notice that when i get sick (like yesterday) the first thing people will ask/say "r you pregnant?"

NO... once and for all - im not pregnant! hahaha and not planning to get pregnant in the near future! :) it's just funny how people will automatically jump to that conclusion now that i'm married. sheesshh...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ay!!! ay!!!! ayayay!!!

ohhh mmmyyyyy gulay.... i finally watched the clip. (bawal kasi youtube sa office)

ayyyyyyyyyy i dont have anything constructive to say so i wont say a thing na lang. (sumakit ulo ko!!!)

ayyyyyy watch it na lang.....


and she won?! wtf?!

Monday, March 10, 2008

me is looking forward to...

MARCH 18: LUI's arrival in Singapore- yey! less than 2 weeks to go! yeba! hahaha

MARCH 19 -24: LEAVE from work! yahoo... will do some shopping with lui to help him settle.

MARCH 24: Our third anniversay! woot woot!

MARCH 25: Maroon 5 concert - my 'welcome to singapore' gift for lui hehehe

AVP week 2008! woot!

Weddings@work's AVP week has officially started :) I can't wait to see what's in store :D

I just viewed the Day1's AVP by Clyde Villegas... looking good. I like his style... kinda reminds me of Imacron. hehe

Here's the link:


since two of my friends in multiply posted the same link... my curiousity got the better of me. hehehe

it's a nice site. nice for passing time (in the office bwahahah) when you have totally na-da to do! :D

here's the link!

but my favorite blogsite for now is still (after all my blogmates' sites ha) hehehe

Friday, March 07, 2008

WARNING: AI spoiler

arggghhhh!!! :(

i was so excited that i kept refreshing rickey's blog to find out who got eliminated. sad to say, danny is OUT :( huhuhu... there goes my bading idol hehehe...

oh well, at least ramiele malubay is in the Top 12. woot! go malubay! :)

now im going to start rooting for david cook (or should i? hhmmm he might get eliminated next...)

please get rid of chikizie!!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

it's AI fever again!

okay... i admit im such a fanatic of American Idol... but you HAVE to watch this season! i think this season is the best evaaahhh! :)

plus, they have a very cute fil-am lady amidst the contestants!! (and she's proud to admit that she is a filipina!)

check out for some behind the scenes :)

OMG!!! save danny the bading :D hee hee... i love him! he just gives flavor to the show! though i have to admit that his 'tainted love' song wasn't much of a winner :p