Sunday, January 13, 2008

surprise @ 15 days to go

i really wasnt expecting that i'll have a bridal shower party here in singapore after the one i had last night, the one i had yesterday was already a treat for me...

but lo and behold, i had another one today... this time with my friends from my good old days in pricewaterhouse in the phils! (4 of my good friends from pwc are here in sg for a VERY short visit)

i was completely taken by surprise(sure, i saw che taking out the balloons from her room downstairs, but nevertheless...) i knew they were cooking up something... why would che knock on her own bedroom door to let our visitors know that she is coming in?! hahaha! but i was trying my best to pretend that nothing was happening! (hehe i didnt want to spoil all the hardword they put into preparing this bridal shower)

but the thing that struck me the most is how prepared they all were! they even had the time to text lui and ask him questions for one of the games. (we had to have the same answer or i have to take a shot of tequlla) they even prepared different games etc. :) aimee even asked me to watch a movie that i knew she didnt like, just to give che and the gang ample time to prepare for the party!!!

again, i had sooo much fun! this time is different coz it was in our house and it was an all filipino group, so we had a lot of things to share ;p

again, i am a little tipsy... had my fare share of tequilla ( i have to scold lui about his answers when i get home to the phils eheh) but what the heck! i wanted to get drunk. considering that i have NEVER been drunk in my entire life!!! hehe but apparently, im still not.

thanks che, ayms, karen, lorena, klein and marla for the incredible party :) thanks thanks thanks.

see you in the phils and at the wedding! :)


p.s. btw, we already submitted lui's baptismal cert to SOJ! yeeeeeeyyy!!! and we're going to have our canonical interview on the 18th. yes! this wedding is going to push thru. there's no stopping us now! woohoo!!!

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