Tuesday, January 05, 2010

moving on

i know we've been thru a lot... but sometimes, we just need to move on. you will always be special to me... it had been a great 3 years plus of sharing my thoughts with you but i really just need some space.

hehe drama ba?

friends, im officially moving to mrskendz.wordpress.com.

kendznilui.blogspot.com will still be alive - too much memory to delete it :( anyway, my old posts have been imported to wordpress so tuloy tuloy pa din ang ligaya.

i moved because i wanted more themes / layouts that blogger just cant seem to support.

please keep visiting my blog! :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year everybody!!!

I hope everybody had a great time during the New Year. I sure did :) Aside from the sumptuous meal that my mom cooked for us (a little too much i think)

I was also able to:

1. read some books (5 books in 4 days) (If you are a huge Harry Potter and Greek Mythology fan, I recommend that you read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. It's awesome! :D Actually, it's a children's book but who cares?!)

2. worked out (3 out of 5 days)

But I guess the pigging out during the New Year didn't help with my weight loss goal. I actually gained some pounds. I asked my PT not to weigh me last Saturday as I am 100% sure that I gained and I didn't want it to affect my work out for that day. But having said that, I'm still trying to be optimistic with my weight loss goal. I will lose weight. I will I will I will :D

I promised myself I will do more cardio workout for the whole month of January. I guess one of the reason I'm not losing weight is that I do more weight training than cardio. I need to change that a bit... I also need to cut back on my calories and carbs. Sigh it will be a tough month ahead.

So what did you get for New Year? My best New Year's gift is probably my new LV zippy wallet c/o my Dad :) Yup for the first time, my Dad gave me money to buy an LV wallet. Happy me :D

What's your New Year's resolution? Me? I don't have any... I keep breaking them anyway hehe.

Happy New Year everybody!!! Hope 2010 will bring greater things for everybody! :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Finally, was able to watch Avatar after three days of planning. (first day - lui got stuck in traffic, 2nd day - tickets were sold out)

Anyway, I guess most of you know by now how amazing(!!!) the movie is! :) I guess you really have to watch it at IMAX or the 3D version to appreciate it. It was so damn cool! I loved it. Although the storyline was a bit cliche, I loved all the effects!!!

Oh, he is one very happy guy:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

good morning...

Ano daw manong? hehe. I saw this sign on the cab that I rode going to the office this morning... Medyo sumakit ulo ko sa message! :)

I mean, there's nothing wrong with incorrect grammar now and then... But hello, if you are going to post something for your customers to see, you might as well MAKE SURE that the grammar and spelling is correct. Hehe... Two cents ko lang.

Side note: I am so glad I have my Canon S90 na. I can bring it with me everyday, everywhere and take snapshots for my blog.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i am so freakin' BORED.

work is absolutely on a stand still. i did enjoy the first few days of "freedom"

but after almost a week - i am bored out of my wits! :( i've already ran out of websites to visit. and i have a few more work days before new year! any suggestions?

okay im gonna stop complaining now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

not so good week

well, it was my birthday last week. and i did get to celebrate with my family so on that side, im pretty happy.

i was also able to submit my first audit report to my boss last week so that's done and now im a bit more "relaxed". nothing much to do at work until the new year comes.

now for the not sooo good vibes:

i had my weigh in yesterday. sadly, my weight didn't move down but up a bit :( 0.80 lbs to be precise. i guess it's my fault because i only went to the gym once last week :( this week has to be better!!! my PT made me pay for the .80lbs yesterday. i never worked out as hard as I did yesterday. yeesh. i was breathless. pathetic.

i had a great night last friday partying and celebrating my first ADB department christmas party. it was a blast. people went all out with their costumes and it was a totally relaxed and fun atmosphere!

but it got ruined when i had to wait for 2 and a half hours to get home... i waited for a cab near ADB but not one taxi stopped and to make matters worse, it was drizzling and i was carrying LOADS of stuff with me:( i didn't dare take the mrt because i was wearing my fairy dress (on hindsight, i should have changed clothes before i left the party! grrr). i started waiting at 10pm at ADB Megamall exit and ended up at Guadix exit by 11:30 (thought it will be easier to catch a cab there but not really). even manong guard helped me hail a cab but we're both unsuccessful. :( good thing my hubby came to the rescue. albeit a bit late... he was still there to pick me up at around 12:30am. sigh what a night.

i decided right there and then that I WILL LEARN HOW TO DRIVE ASAP. i don't want to be stuck somewhere again!

no more parties on a Friday until I learn how to drive! hmph.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

THE birthday gift

lui gave me the BEST birthday gift ever! :)

background: i have always been conscious about my face - i used to have a lot of pimples and it took me countless products to finally find the products that work well for me. i am extra conscious about the dark eye circles and eyebags. i don't know where i got it but it has always bothered me - it just never goes away!

last month, i noticed that i was starting to get wrinkles around my eye area - laugh lines for some... and i started complaining to lui. he kept trying to appease me and say that i wasn't very evident but i was going on and on about it. hehe.

then one day, i asked lui to accompany me to Rustan's so that I can check the prices of La Mer here in Philippines. (I discovered La Mer before our wedding but only started using it months ago after hearing some great feedback from my Indo friend. it is a great product but price is a little too steep).

so i was there asking and the sales lady told me that i will be able to save some bucks if i buy the "collections". when i asked the price, i nearly fainted. but i wanted it. but it was expensive. ouch!

it was a surprise when lui suddenly told the sales lady that we were going to get it. i was like "we are?!" and he said that it was going to be my bday / xmas / anniv gift. (ganun cya kamahal!!!) i wassss sooo happy i could have kissed him right there and then! which i think i did hahaha...

anyway, here's my bday gift from my one and only pa-b:

kainan na! :)

first of all, thank you once again to those who greeted me yesterday (may it be in multiply, FB or friendsters). super thanks!

last night the "yee" family was here:

dinner buffet with sushi, sashimi and grill (like korean grill).

the food was so-so but the company was great! :)

did i eat much? of course!!! it was my birthday what do you expect?! hahaha...