Wednesday, January 09, 2008

confusion @ 18 days to go


1Esplanade is causing a lot of confusion here in singapore... haha. you see, the original One Esplanade is here in Singapore. it is located near Marina Bay...

then the 1Esplanade in the Phils is located near Manila Bay. can you see the similarity?!

so when i distributed the invites to my officemates and friends here in sg, a lot of them asked me if the wedding is going to be here in singapore. BWAHAHA.. (they mistakenly read marina bay instead of manila bay in the map.) katawa tlaga...

tapos it doesnt help that palpak pa yung map ng unifair coz they didnt even write macapagal highway in the map!!! bad trip. it wasnt the map that i sent to them... kainis :(

anyway, im attaching the maps that i sent to Unifair... hope this will help you guys find the right place. (you can throw away the map inserted in the invites now grrr...)

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Tarabusaw said...

hahaha! naaliw naman ako sa 1esplanade at one esplanade... at natawa naman ako sa marina at manila bay. mwehehehe... best wishes kendz!