Monday, December 22, 2008


to bobbi brown cosmetics!


i've always been a huge fan of bobbi brown blushes (can't live without it... have at least 4 colors). converted my friend che to a bobbi brown blush fan as well hehe.

but when i tried their gel eyeliner, i got hooked with the brand (ayayay!!!) all over again. i was a bit apprehensive at first because i thought the gel eyeliner is difficult to use. but actually it's not! amazing! and the best thing about it is that it DOES NOT smudge! perfect hahaha. :p (goes well with benefit's "gee that was fast" makeup remover - loving this products sooo much as well)

so went on a makeup shopping spree for my bday / christmas gift. lui was nice enough to sit back and watch AND not say anything. (but he did tell me that my next makeup purchase should be in June na. hihi)

i love their products tlaga! from their brushes, blushes, eyeshadow, concealer, face base, eyeliner, shimmer brick and stick foundation!!! but i don't like their lipgloss still. too sticky. i think i'll stick with MAC :p

okay that's it. hehe. my pagiging makeup junkie just got the better of me. hehehe