Wednesday, November 08, 2006

taking a breather...

these past few weeks, i just feel like im in some kind of a rollercoaster, a never ending rollercoaster ride.

i practically work at least 12 hours a day! as in im ssoooo tired. i feel like i've been pushing myself to the limit! never thought that work can get this hard! (yes, much worse than the CYPMA, UNIPH and AMKAN combination! can you believe it?) maybe one day ill just drop dead. hmm... wont be a suprise if i do.

as the locals say:

what to do lah?

no choice what?

can die lah...


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Anonymous said...

There are times na we feel like losing... and we wanted to give-up... pero that's life! we have deal with it and dont give up! you just have to show your best shot!Aja Girl hehehe:)after that everything we go smoothly na.. kaya smile na... ok? MWAH! love you > lui