Sunday, November 05, 2006

last of my blog marathon (third in a day!)

im trying to write as much as i can coz God knows when i'll have time to write again.

anyway, last sunday, around this time, we were heading to fort canning park to watch a concert. o diba? sosyal! concert in singapore! hahaha. yah, right. actually, we watched Christian Bautista's concert. hihi

originally, i wasnt planning to go. im not really a big fan or anything, but then i realized, that i actually miss watching concerts and hearing good music. (i used to watch mtv all the time, you can just imagine how music-deprived i am! hehe.)

so we went there. we thought that it was going to be an indoor thingy, but NOOOOOO it had to be outdoors, in the park, where we have to sit on the grass with nothing to cover our butts and did i mention that the heat was scorching? hay... the things you do for the love of your country! hahaha. and i didnt bring my camera! sayang... so many kodak moments. argh.

nevertheless, i actually enjoyed myself! ang gwapo ni christian bautista!!! bwahahaha! yes, he is thin as a pole but heck. gwapo pa din! :) we had a chance to go in front during the concert and take note:

i shook his hand and he stared into my eyes and i almost melted! hahaha! di pa ako big fan nyan ha! ano pa kaya kung number one fan ako! diba ayms? ;p

he's really good-looking. and he has a great voice! he seems nice enough and the crowd just absolutely loved him! hehe...


a malaysian friend of ours in singapore just got married last Monday. i never had the chance to attend a real chinese wedding so i was excited and eager to go.

here are some of the things that they did in a different way:

1. instead of the usual wedding toast with speeches and all, the bride and groom's family were asked to go in front for the toast. what happens next is really bizaarreeeee... they started yelling "yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as in yelled. yes YEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! hahaha.. it was so funny and i was so out of sorts that i didnt know if i should shout with them or not! the long "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ended with a chorus of "se!" i think they repeated it three times! it was really funny!

2. their avp was different, whereas the avps in the phils will show parts of the preps, the church ceremony and snapshots of the reception, theirs showed how the guy went to the girl's house and "bargained" with the bride's family to let him in! he had to do all sorts of thing that the bride's family asked him to do. he had to sing, wear diapers, offer jewelries and give lots and lots of money to the bride's family! very different avp right?

3. this i think is the most unconvential and most different part of a singapore wedding vs. a phil wedding. in singapore, you have to give at least $80-$100 to the newly weds. it's not optional. it is mandatory. they dont tell you that you have to give, it's just automatic. you NEED to give. it's a well-know tradition and no one objects. in the phils, good luck man! hahaha. it's very taboo to ask for money in exchange for gifts, let alone ask money as entrance fee!!! hahaha

all in all, you can say that the weddings here are completely different; but one thing is certain, no matter where a wedding is, there will always be love, family, good friends, great food and lots of booze! :)

i love their centertable, ganda no?

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Ummmm... u melted ha... selos me hehehe joke :) mwah! love you > lui