Sunday, November 05, 2006

wento wento lang. :)

finally! finally i have time to update my blog! :)

went back to the phils last oct. 20. it was deepavali and haliraya last oct. 23 and 24 so we had a long long weekend. so, instead of staying here and doing nothing, i opted to go home. :) and the BEST thing about my homecoming is that Lui decided to go back to Manila as well! yey! hihihi...

anyways, some updates on wedding preps first.

i had a trial makeup with angie on oct 20. i thought it was a good time to have a trial since im there and i dont know when ill be going back next (well yeah, ill be going back in december, but i am SURE that all the suppliers will be busy then. december being a wedding season and all)

the makeup session went well. i believe angie and i got along real well. we both love makeup so on that aspect, we really jived! :) he/she even suggested some makeup brand and colors that will suit me. hehehe

feedback on the makeup though: since i do my own makeup most of the time, im very particular with it. i know what looks good on me and what doesnt. the makeup angie did was beautiful. he made me look fresh and hid all my dark circles. but i believe the foundation he used was lighter than my skin color and the shadow she used was very light. i wanted my eyeshadow to be a darker brown shade. hehe but i guess it was my fault since i didnt tell him what i wanted. anyway, next time if i do decide to get him, i will let him know what i want. :)

on the same day, we went to meet with our AE in Josiah's, Mherlyn. Clarice wasnt able to join us since she had a wedding on the same day. Lui, his mom and myself went to the foodtasting. we arrived there past 9pm already! good thing the AEs were nice and they still entertained us. (hehe naligaw kasi kami diba lui?)

the food was FANTASTIC! i absolutely loved the mongolian barbeque they served us! i believe my FMIL (future mother in law) liked it as well because she even asked for the recipe! hahaha. :) i also enjoyed the scrumptous fish that they served us! yum yum yum! sarap. hehehe... and im pretty sure that lui enjoyed the food. he finished all his food! either he liked the food or he was extremely hungry! hehe peace teddy!

aside from those, they served us all sorts of pasta and beef. the beef was very tender. (tender tlaga kasi lui was able to finish it, parang walang braces ah! hahaha) but for the pasta, well i've already decided that we wont be serving any kind of pasta. (sorry to all pasta lovers hehe) just think first date: never order pasta on first dates. hehe im applying the same principle. since people will be all dressed up and made up on our wedding i dont want them to have 'accidents' so to speak. hassle kasi kainin ang pasta! hehehe.

i think that's all we accomplished this time. we were supposed to meet alex franco and mang boy but we decided not to. i wanted to enjoy my vacation. :)


Tarabusaw said...

HABA!!! Hehehe... Galeng na magpicture-picture ah. =) Next yang camera sa bibilhin ko. O camera na lang kaya muna bago ang ipod? Hmmm... Whatchathink?

Candy :) said...

camera!!!!!!! hehehe. :) camera na lang. para magturuan tayo! hehe

Anonymous said...

SARAP!! as in SARRRRAAAAPPP ng food! hehehe :) anyway, i thought we won't be able to make it on our way dun sa libis...kla ko marunong mom ko pumunta eh...hehehe buti nalang may bro me na navigator... hehehe .. atleast naabutan pa natin! (kht tyo nalang iniintay hehe) ooopsss. may mas late pa palang dumating ;) > lui