Wednesday, November 29, 2006

here we go again...

it seems like it was only yesterday when i posted my entry in friendster about the busy season and now, it's here yet again!

back then, i thought nothing can be harder than working on three of the biggest clients of PwC but nooo... im still handling three clients, one of which is the biggest client of deloitte and two are well, very demanding clients. not to mention, i have the worst manager of all! i swear! she's worse than the worst manager in pw. argh!!! i tremble just thinking of her. yiieee... people are already cursing her. she's causing too much trouble. tsk tsk.

i pray to God that everything will be better. please please please pretty please!

im sooo tired. i feel like my body will just give in any time. and as i've told koya, i might just drop dead at the office and people will just say "o patay." and then just walk away. hehehe. pero sabi nga ni odette, can not. i still have to get married! :)

im sooo stressed, so stressed that im already starting to lose weight. no, im not bragging. im just stating a fact. hehe even a fellow wawie noticed it when i met her this afternoon. her first words were "nangayayat ka!" well, working at least12 hours a day does that to you.

went to buy three pairs of shoes last night. yes three pairs. three! i wasnt planning to. it just happened! hehe.. (it's all carrie's fault! i think ive been watching too much sex and the city.) oh! and i bought a bag. hehe. now i have a charles&keith discount card and feet that hurt like hell! hehehe... well, all for the love of shoes!

p.s i got my waw calendar. sobrang ganda!!!!


Tarabusaw said...

OMG!!! Bumili din ako ng sapatos kagabi!!! Nyahaha!!! =) Naaawa na kasi ako dun sa isa kong sapatos, lagi na lang yun ang ginagamit ko eh... kaya bumili na ako ng iba... kulay brown naman siya para maiba naman. =)

sino nga pala yung "worse" manager sa pw? clue naman diyan... hehehe.

Candy :) said...

hehehe.. kung sino man maisip mo yun na yun. :)

i bought 2 shoes for myself. puros killer shoes kaya sakit paa. hehe. yung isa sa sister ko. hihihi.. sarap mag shopping!!!

Tarabusaw said...

masarap ba? mas masarap pa rin kumain. hehehe... namamahalan nga ako actually sa sapatos ko dahil pag kinonvert ko yun sa atin eh halos 5K na!!! grabe no? may nakita akong 50 CAD lang pero napapangitan kasi ako sa kulay eh. kaya lumipat ako ng store,,, ayun dun ko nakita yung sapatos ko.