Monday, August 28, 2006

Singapore Idol... :D

if america has American Idol and the UK has its Pop Idol, well, Singapore has... tada! the Singapore Idol. ;)

I wasnt really a big fan when the show started. It began right about the same time AI endend and I still had the Elliot fever then. :) but now, due to lack of better things to do (or rather, lack of other channels to watch) cheryl and i are loyal weekly viewers of the show. hihi

well anyway, just wanted to share this video. i dont know what Hady is singing, but gosh... i could melt just hearing his voice.

i just hope he doesnt get voted out. good singers had been voted out because of one not-so-good but very pa-cute singer winning the hearts of singapore. argh! hehe

anyway, if you must know, i do not vote. okay? i just watch! :)

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