Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2nd post of the day...

im loving blogger. im rediscovering all the perks of having a blogger as compared to having friendster blog. dont get me wrong i've used friendster blog for almost a year and it's been part of my life, it's been my one and only true consolation whenever i feel down or whenever i feel pissed, happy or disappointed.

but there are really some disadvantages in using friendster blog. here are a few...
1) all your friends are alerted whenever you update your blog. so you have to make sure that you have perfect grammar and no typos on your first try else your friends will be burdened with 2-3 emails at a time!
2) you cannot filter the comments that your friends put. i dont usually filter. but sometimes, i just think it may come in handy
3) anyone can see your blog... because of the notification system, your friends tend to feel obliged to check your blog. but are they reading it? are they enjoying it? hmm.. maybe, maybe not. :)

but the one good thing about friendster blog is, SOME people actually read your blog, people leave comments, and it gives you a warm feeling knowing that some people really do care. :)

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