Friday, August 25, 2006

helping a friend in need

i've just heard that a friend and a former blockmate of mine from DLSU has bone marrow deficiency. :( it's critical and they have to make transplant before it gets worse and become leukemia...

i dont know the status, i dont know what's happening currently, but i am really really sad for her. she is a good person. she is one of the people from college that i can truly call a friend. i was really surprised when i read the text message that golda circulated to the whole block. no words can describe the shock that went through me when i found out.

judy has a kind heart... im not just saying this because she's sick and she needs help. im saying this because it's true... she's also a brilliant auditor... i know she's supposed to go to Bermuda because she was offered work there, but now, she wont be able to go... she has a lot in store for her, lets hope and pray she will be able to fight this illness and be able to live her dreams...

her barkada is now trying to collect as much money as they can. judy and her family needs all the help they can get since a bone marrow transplant can cost a whopping 2million pesos!

i am going to donate. i was going to save some money so that i can buy the camera that i've been eyeing for the longest time. but i think giving that money to a friend in need is more important than having that camera. the camera can wait but judy can't. i'll forego all the shopping for this month just to help a friend in need... she needs it more than i do.

if anyone of you would like to help please let me know and ill give you the details. your help is greatly needed. prayers can make a lot of things happen... small things can make big things happen.

Judy, do get well soon. Continue to be strong. You can do it... My prayers are with you and so are the prayers of our fellow blockmates im sure.

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