Friday, August 25, 2006

let's get serious

i just had the most serious and most intense conversation with the man i am going to spend my life with- lui. it was scary, it was difficult but we had to get it over with.

the number one question we have right now is that we dont know where we're going to live after the wedding. though the wedding is too far away, we need to come up with answers. i personally dont want to prolong it... the longer we wait the harder it is to discuss the subject. each one having his/her idea, each one getting used to the idea, and eventually no one will want to concede.

we've tried to discuss the issue several times but never got to any answers... tonight i think we finally did...

it was funny because the whole conversation took place thru yahoo messenger. but i can say that it's as effective or more so than calling.

there was a point in the conversation that i know im being inconsiderate, saying no, not relenting... but i know what i want - which is to have a good and secure future for the two of us and for our future kids. and knowing this, i had to stand firm and hold my ground.

we did come to a solution, albeit still a bit vague but i think we've come to a resolution. what that is, we'll keep it to ourselves first.

it's the first decision regarding our married life that we had made together. it's nice to know that we can come to an agreement without resorting to harsh words and threats. hehehe

hopefully, we can survive all the challenges that will face us... now that we're still singles, and in the future, when we're Mr. and Mrs.

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