Thursday, March 26, 2009

coldplay concert

okay, im not really prepared to blog about this just yet - i was going to wait for lui's photos and videos to be uploaded before i blog.

BUT was listening to Magic89.9 on the net and "Viva La Vida" played and omg, i kid you not, i got goosebumps and all the wonderful memories of the concert just came rushing in!!!

omg it was fanstastic! it is the GREATEST and most AMAZING concert i've been to... i was lucky enough to watch the corrs, mandy moore and maroon 5 but this concert just tops it all!!!

from the yellow balloons that came out during the song, the mexican wave, the costumes, the production, the confetti and most especially the live feed. grabe... i think if they render the entire live feed, they can immediately sell it na as DVD - it was that amazing. even the live feed was extremely thougth of! galing tlaga! super audience participation pa! there was one point where they moved from the stage to the audience area (as in audience no bars in between) and we were soo green with envy... wahhhhhhh... will post videos soon so you'll know what im talking about :)

lui and i loved every moment of it. to think we didnt know most of the songs ha. just the really popular ones. but we loved it sulit talaga!

pa-b happy, ma-b happy that pa-b loved his 'magsyota' anniversary gift!!! :D

will post pics and videos soon!

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