Wednesday, March 25, 2009

budget budget

mitchie and i was talking about budgeting and saving up for our ultimate goals. she sent me a copy of the budget template that she uses.

i used it and really really tried to be as realistic as possible (what's the purpose of a budget if you wont be able to follow it anyway?)

anywayzzz, based on the result of the computation, if you combine my salary and lui' salary and minus all expenses. we can actually save approx $1500+++ per month!!! wtf! where does all that money go? huhuhu and that's on top of the 1500 monthly amortization that we need to pay!! meaning dapat net savings e nasa 3000+++ !!!! whhhaaaattttt huhuhuhu. but i dont save much every month. huhuhu

im blaming my credit cards. sh*t im throwing those cards away!!!! huhuhuhu... :(


Rhonny25 said...

hi kendz send me that template! badly needed to save na rin hahahaha hay naku hahahaha

icezorg said...

a budget template? that's interesting! madali lang ba sundin? hehe