Saturday, March 07, 2009


been quiet for a looonnnggg time. i can't even remember when was the last time i posted a blog entry. yikes... parang di ako. :(

it's not that im busy at work coz really, im not busy. work has started to dwindle down and we have more time on our hands. maybe that's why... nothing has been happening ergo no blog entry hahaha :)

what have i been up to? nothing much really... just lying low and resting - been sick a lot of times. oh! i started golfing! woot i didnt know i'll have a natural knack for it!! lol thinking of getting pro classes with a bunch of my officemates.

travels are in the pipeline - going back to hk for holy week (if everything goes as planned), going to ho chi mihn for labor day weekend (cresta, hotel, dont forget), and several trips back to ph! (sorry mama benz, i really cant go back for the 10th waw anniv).

oh! we're watching coldplay!! woot! with m+k! double woot! :D

several movies that i loved: curious case, slumdog, watchmen (yes i liked it), marley & me (i cried still! i cried reading the book and i still cried over the movie. what a total crybaby), hmm what else... oh! he's just not into you. loved it. :) im waiting for confessions to come out, hopefully that will be good. (i dont like the actress though)

american idol is such a blah this year. i havent seen a really great singer, unlike last season...

ready "there's no place like here" by cecelia ahern... we'll see how that goes :)

oh im trying to be a pescataria (tama ba steph?). im trying to lose weight... need to lose at least 5kgs. hmmmmm achievable? errr... dunno. hahaha. another "we'll see how that goes"

hmmm i guess that's all for the update. hehe hopefully ill be more active starting now :D

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