Monday, October 06, 2008


earlier this evening, lui asked what were we doing this time last year. and it made me think and decide to go back memory lane :)

apparently, this time last year, i was defending my fabulous VELUZ gown. an anonymous person left a not so nice comment on my gown sketch. i didnt have to explain neither did i have to defend VELUZ but i wanted to :) coz no other bride loved their gown as much as I did. (including all of ms v's gown hehehe)

here's the link

(oh,dlsu won last year's uaap game. i totally forgot about that... but we lost to our archrival/nemesis this year. tsk)


someone sent me an email earlier as well, she said that she read my entire blog and had fun reading my preps :) well, that's the main reason i made it as detailed as possible. i want people to share the fun that i went through during my preps and also, to have something to look back to in the future :)


i had a nice good long chat with my bestfriend dave earlier. i sure miss him... i admit that i failed to show up or call my friends when im in the phils, but i intend to do better. kasi i miss all of them na :(

so you guys, i'll see you in december okay? :)

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This layout is so stellar. How did you manage to make a blog thats as smart as it is sleek? I mean, its like an Aston Martin --smart and sexy at the same time. Ive got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this blog again. But now that Ive read what youve got to say, Ive got to share it with the world!