Tuesday, October 07, 2008


these past few days, i've been salivating over lechon. yes lechon. wahhhh. this is bad. there is nowhere in singapore i can get my hands on lechon. sighs. i have to settle with pictures muna i guess. hehe.

this craving for lechon started last september, when my cousin charlie announced (through multiply) about their native lechon - LECHON SABROSO

and then, just like that, they were all over! mama benz was raving about the lechon - they even posted in weddings@work newsblog, it was discussed in newlyweds@work yahoogroup, and my mom is raving about it! hahaha.

apparently, Charlie sent a sampler to my mom's house and the rest is history. haha i got several text messages from my mom, as well as a call just to share with me her delight with the lechon lol. she said she'll definitely order soon :)

what struck me the most was what she said: "sana meron na sila lechon dati, para nung wedding mo, eto na lang hinanda natin"

o diva? i think mom is in love.

and im still salivating. :s i guess i have to wait till december to try this oh so famous lechon... i already ordered two pigs! :) haha one for noche buena and one for new year's eve. hihihi

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