Wednesday, October 22, 2008

travel plans

obviously, lui and i love to travel and we can't seem to stop coming up with places that we just HAVE TO visit :)

since we got together in 2005, so far, these are the places we've been to: (in no particular order)
1. puerto galera

2. nurture spa (tagaytay)

3. nasugbu batangas

4. villa escudero

5. xiamen - china

6. el nido - palawan

7. cebu

8. bohol

9. davao

10. hong kong

11. malacca - malaysia

12. singapore (where we are now)

13. bintan - indonesia

and the places we want to visit soon are:
1. australia: sydney, melbourne, gold coast etc - big bang for next year
2. boracay - going in december!
3. laoag / vigan / pagudpud - going for our anniversary :p
4. US - probably 2010 hehe
5. vietnam - 2008 pwede pa ba?? hmmm
6. cambodia
7. redang malaysia
8. camsur
9. thailand - phuket / bangkok
10. bali indonesia

and many many more... hay if only i can travel everyday!

1 comment: said...

The transition from tropical to tundra has got to be hard. I loved Michigan though and bet you'll love it too. Make sure you have AC wherever you are living for the summer. Though, you might be climatized for heat and humidity having lived where you did. I just about died the first week of our move to MI from heat. I was kind of a mental case at the time with a new baby and moving. Hope you're having a great time!