Tuesday, September 09, 2008


i was on a pregnancy scare for almost two weeks when i finally decided to go get a test kit and find out once an for all. waiting for the result felt like forever, good thing lui is beside me, trying to calm me down. and then there it was. NOT PREGNANT clear as it can hehehe. im so glad i took the test, at least now i know for sure. (too bad i can't blame my weight gain on my pregnancy lol)

thanks to my friends for the support haha mas happy pa sila sa akin! special mention to che who volunteered to babysit! lol

dont take me wrong... it's not like i dont ever want to have a baby. i just honestly think that this is not the right time for a baby - with my workload and all... i know someday we'll be mom and dads, but in due time :)

whew too much excitement. im hitting the sack. nights!


streetsmartchic said...

Goodluck... It's really nice having kids, but if you feel it's not the right time yet walang masama. =)

Shi-Shi =)

http://inversioncredito.com/aidcredit/ said...

I like your style. I especially love the colorful tablecloths in your still life's below. Christine