Thursday, September 04, 2008

final video by threelogy

got our final video! what can i say?!!!!

IT ROCKS! absolutely great! we love it!!!

it wasn't as dramatic as i expected. it was light cool and fun - just as things were during the day of our wedding...

jenn told me not to cry when i watch the final video. sorry.. i couldnt help it. i cried... cried from laughing too hard!! lol. mae, the editor, added a bloopers segment and lui and i couldnt help but laugh our hearts out. oh man. what a crazy crazy day. lol we can even hear mimi's laugh on the video. haha i guess everybody really had a crazzzzzyyy time that day! :)

as of posting time, i've already watched it twice. will be watching it again tom with my family. :p

thanks (again) to bong, cj and jon and jenn for the wonderful shots. you made every minute detail seem so significant. ang galing nyo talaga.

thanks to mae, for the wonderful final video! ang galing tlaga! clap clap saludo sayo! :)

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