Friday, March 14, 2008

my first take on YOGA

after almost 2 months, i finally forced my lazy ass to go back to the gym - and what a comeback! :D i went for body jam and then went and tried my first ever yoga class...

the verdict? it was great! :) i left with all my muscles aching but i really feel good. (i have a principle: muscle aint aching = not effective workout hehe)

but... it was a really weird experience for me :) for one thing, half of the time, i can barely understand what the instructor was talking about... here are some examples:

case 1:
instructor: feel the energy coming from your feet
kendz thinking: i feel pain... does that equate to energy? hehehe

case 2:
instructor: imagine yourselves as trees
kendz thinking: errr... i feel more like a falling tree (timbreeee) hahaha i cant keep my balance!!!

case 3:
instructor: put your upper butt (was it butt or cheek? i really cant remember) on your lower butt
kendz thinking: huh?! upper and lower butt?! wtf! all the while i thought i only had one butt!!! lol

case 4:
instructor: (while the class is doing an inverted triangle/mountain - sorry still not familiar with the terms. haha basta the one where you're in all fours but your butt is sticking out and pointing to the sky hehe) if you do this right, you will be able to hold this position for 10 mins without feeling pain
kendz thinking: is he f*cking serious?! dont tell me we'll stay in this position for 10 mins!! and what the does he mean by no pain?! heller!!! i can hardly hold myself up! my hands are dying.. come back come back hahaha

case 5: (while doing the same position as case 4)
instructor: find your balance... feel the energy... now lift your left leg and now your right arm
kendz thinking: OMG... he might as well ask me to fly!!!

bwahahaha :D sorry for the sarcasm. but really i did enjoy the class. will i go back? definitely :D but i have to be careful on what classes i join... they might really ask me to fly the next time :D hahaha! but it'll sure be great if i'll be able to do this next time as well :D (thanks for the inspiration friend!)

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