Thursday, March 06, 2008

it's AI fever again!

okay... i admit im such a fanatic of American Idol... but you HAVE to watch this season! i think this season is the best evaaahhh! :)

plus, they have a very cute fil-am lady amidst the contestants!! (and she's proud to admit that she is a filipina!)

check out for some behind the scenes :)

OMG!!! save danny the bading :D hee hee... i love him! he just gives flavor to the show! though i have to admit that his 'tainted love' song wasn't much of a winner :p


Dins said...

hi kendz! long time no post! hehe! i just got hooked with AI (thanks to Ramiele hehe) She's my bet along with David A & Brooke... I just adore those three.. =)

Candy :) said...

hi dins! :)
david a is cute... pero sobrang galing nya e... gusto ko sa mga underdogs. haha so im rooting for david c. :D and of cors for ramiele!