Wednesday, March 12, 2008

post-wedding changes

now that im hitched, people keep asking me: "so, how's married life?"

my default answer will be: "same same. nothing changed really" hehe not much changes considering that we're still not living under the same roof. im in singapore and lui is still in davao. so technically, im just married in paper :)

i guess i'll know the REAL answer to that question in one week's time :) hee... :)

but one thing though... now that i'm married, i notice that when i get sick (like yesterday) the first thing people will ask/say "r you pregnant?"

NO... once and for all - im not pregnant! hahaha and not planning to get pregnant in the near future! :) it's just funny how people will automatically jump to that conclusion now that i'm married. sheesshh...

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