Thursday, February 21, 2008


Bride’s Gown and Barongs (Groom, FIL, BIL)
Veluz Reyes – Super Duper Highly Recommended

I wanted Veluz to design my gown and no one else. As in when I saw Con-con’s gown, I was 100% sure that I wanted her. Kaya ang aga aga ko cya inemail e… Medyo tagal lang nga magreply ni Ms. V! hahaha inabot ata ng 3 months before nagreply hahaha pero oki lang... ill wait for her reply kahit 1 year pa yun! hihihi

The design is all her. I did show her a design that I wanted but she shot that idea down telling me that I have good shoulders which will be completely hidden by that design (based sa pic lang yan ha!).

So she sent me three designs… but ironically, my gown was neither of the three designs. It kept changing and changing every time we had a fitting. Laging meron dinadagdag!!! :)

So from this… naging eto… and finally to this beautiful creation :) (ahem ahem biased e.)

Sobrang sulit ng binayad ko. Even my mom, who initially said na sobrang mahal daw gown ko, told me na worth it daw yung gown… Even my bro from the states said my gown was beautiful! Lahat nagsabi maganda gown ko. Ang ganda naman kasi!!! I hope i gave justice to the gown though :)

I noticed though that Veluz tends to stick to certain designs... (even had some rude comments in my blog about my design) but for me, it was okay.. kasi that’s her trademark na… dun cya nakilala and maganda naman ung design. Saka di naman sobrang parehas no!

But if you’re the type of bride na gusto mo unique gown mo, you just have to tell her I guess. Give her a pic of the design you want and tell her you really want that design. I’ve seen a lot of bride who did this and nakuha naman nila yung dream gown nila (diba resie?).

But for me, it was okay. I trusted her all the way. Coz I know whatever the design, she wouldn’t choose it for me unless bagay. She’s good like that… She has sharp eyes… She knows what will suit you and which design will not.

You will never go wrong with Veluz. Sabi nga niya, perfect fit always! Aside from that, sobrang nice pa ni Ms. V! As in I love our kwentuhan moments together… Ang chika chika nya and I don’t think she has any pretention whatsoever. Ang sarap kasama and kausap!

I asked Lui about the barong, di daw cya masyadong happy. For him, simple lang daw yung design. Parang he could get a better barong elsewhere in a cheaper price.

But for me… ganda ng barong ni Lui! Bagay na bagay… mukha pa cyang payat! Hahaha… :D

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