Thursday, February 21, 2008


Threelogy – Super Duper Highly Recommended

Also considered: Jason Magbanua

Threelogy… threelogy… threelogy…

Ano ba masasabi ko? Is the word ‘magnificent’ even enough to describe them?!


- We didn’t meet prior to the wedding to talk about the video concept
- I didn’t send anything to them regarding shots that I want
- They didn’t use the songs we picked
- I didn’t meet the members of the team until the wedding day (unless you count the short meeting in Century Park and in w@w party)

But eventhough we didn’t do any of the above, they still gave us the best AVP eeevaaaahhh!!! Oh my God! Humagulgol lang naman ako after I watched our AVP. Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry. I’ve watched the video nth time already and Im still amazed on how beautiful our AVP is!!! Shuuucckkssss I LLLOOOVVEEEE IIITTTT!!!!

Ang galing galing din nila. Their style of shooting is very candid... and they’re not overbearing at all. Di mo tlaga mararamdaman that they’re shooting you… a lot of the clips in the video were candid shots. Pero galing galing tlaga!!!

Aaayyyy!!! There are so many things I want to say di ko lam where to start.

Sa sobrang dalas ko ata magcomment sa blog ng threelogy, feeling ko close ko na sila! Especially bong. Hahaha. Na laging tinatanong kung nagwowork ba talaga ako :)

They are so nice.

Si CJ… He is so funny! Kaya nga ata halos lahat ng pics ko e nakatawa ako!!! I think dahil sa mga funny antics nya! His and Lui’s! grabe sakit sa ulo! Hahaha :) Si bong din… he was even texting me the night before the wedding to remind me to get some beauty rest. And sobrang galing talaga ng AVP nya!!! Jenn – she’s so warm :) I really really like her. Sayang lang di ko cya masyadong naka chikahan nun. Pero ang bait nya. Kahit na asar to the max cya nila Bong, CJ, Karl and Mimi, tawa tawa lang cya! :)

Lahat sobrang nagandahan sa video. E ganda naman kasi talaga!!! All praises talaga :)

They even captured our blooper moment! hahaha classic yun ah! wala pang nakakagawa nun! in fairness kay bong, he asked me if he could post it. ako naman go! :) hehehe.

Our wedding wouldnt have been as fun and memorable without Threelogy. Sarap nila kasama. Wala ka ere ere!

I can’t wait to get our final video! Im suurrreee it’s going to be awesome! (next W@W Supplier of the year na!!! woot!!!)

To threelogy and M+K:

Pwede ko ba kayo kunin sa binyag ng baby namin (kapag meron na)?! Hahaha Lui will probably kill me! Sige debut na lang bwahahaha. Threelogy and M+K tandem is the best!

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