Thursday, January 25, 2007

My first photo "stint" - Rommel and Faye

No, im not going professional. And i do not have plans of being a professional photographer. It is merely a hobby of mine and something that I do enjoy doing. :) (Besides, i dont think i have the talent nor the moolah to be a good photographer! hehe)

I just wanted to try my hand on taking pictures at huge parties, and to learn how to properly set my WB! (if you'll notice the color of the pics are different, that's because I keep changing the WB setting every time! dont know how to set it properly! argh...)

Sis faye, hope you like the pics. Di naman professional, so bka pwede na din pagtyagaan. hehehe

Need to practice!!! For more photos, click here.

Here are some of the pics I took during Rommel and Faye's (fellow wawie) ROM celebration. (ie. civil wedding reception) hehe.

the newly weds :)

the bride's bouquet

the guest book cute no? ;)

the souveneirs
and the main photographers. hehehe :)

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