Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yes one years... with an S :)

today and tomorrow are quite significant dates for me... they both signify one-year celebrations :)

Today - January 27, 2008 -er 2007 (see... i even mistyped the year!) hahaha... today i hit my one-year mark. one year from now, at around the same time, i will be travelling from my hotel room (either diamond, manila pen or makati shang) on my way to Shrine of Jesus, preparing to walk down the aisle. one year from now, i will be getting married! yahoo! we've pretty much covered all major suppliers. but we still have to settle a lot of minor details. but with one year to go, i think we'll be able to cover all bases without sweating much. hehe

Tomorrow - January 28, 2007 - happy anniversary!!! - to me. :) i'll be celebrating my one year anniversary here in Singapore. yes, one year na ako dito. grabe. everything seemed to fly by so fast... i wasnt really expecting for my one year to come sooo soon. one year has passed. how many more will there be? hopefully i'll still be here by 2008. :)

one years- i guess time do come and go quickly... i just hope that my next one years are better and happier.


Anonymous said...

Yes... :)
next year will be different... i hope everything will turn out great! love you so much! love you forever and ever.... mwah!!!! see you soon >>>> lui

Tarabusaw said...

grabe! talagang may countdown ka na sa wedding mo ha! Best wishes in advance! (If ever hindi ko ma-stretch ang aking bakasyon next year)