Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another successful WAWsg EB! :)

After several months in the making, we finally had a WAWsg EB part 2! (the first one was held last October) :) We met up at the same place, Starbucks Raffles City. It was awesome to see that some of the 'oldies' were back (jen, faye, aslee and tin) and that there were some new faces as well.

Everything was the same, the atmosphere, the nonstop gabfest, the bonding, the friendships formed... The only thing we did differently this time around is that, we remembered to have dinner! hahaha :) It was really terrific. It was like a high school reunion, where you meet long lost friends and try to catch up as much as you can.

Everybody had a blast (well, I'm assuming they did. hehe coz i surely did)! No one felt out of place. People were talking left and right. There were food that remained untouched because of the non-stop chikahan. hehehe. It was FUN! FUN! FUN!

It was also very nice that this time around, there were nawies present. they shared some of their experiences as well as their 'supplier ratings'. it was really cool that they shared their tips and feedbacks.

We did miss the original WAWsg cast (jenluy, resie, lyn, joy) and also some of the wawsg members that were not able to join us. Hopefully next time, there will be more of us there. :)

It was really a fun experience. I can't wait for the next one! hehehe...

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