Wednesday, January 10, 2007

bad day... good thing there are friends :)

today was a really really really bad day.

it started alright with me going to my future ey office. it was fine actually. i just got my medical form and pelo toured me around. (i love my new office! it's fabulous!)

anyway, after that i went to fitness first to inquire about their rates. a bit sad about their rates though. my budget was only 60-80 sgd. basta lower than 100sgd. (i only pay 3sgd currently for my gym!) but as it turned out, it will cost me a friggin' 133 bucks per month plus gst! arggghhh! so i guess there goes my fitness first dream. sigh.

after that, went to the m1 roadshow in my current office. found out that i can still avail of the corporate plan eventhough im leaving already! (save some $$$!) and i got my new samsung! i've been longing for this fone for a long time and finally got it. paid only 7k. with the money ill be able to get when i sell my N73, i would i say i would about break even. or profit some. hehe

this is the part where every thing goes haywire... i went for a 2pm meeting with a client to discuss our findings. this client was tough. they were throwing out harsh words and they didnt want to agree to any of our findings!!! talk about stubborn. just because they will get it hard from corporate if and when they have issues. sigh. where's governance there?? huh??? my senior manager was already raising his voice. as in they were 'arguing' it was really scary. anyway, my finding came up for discussion soon. turns out, i did something wrong. arrghhh! i wanted to cry... so i had to rush to the office and redo some of the work. sigh... good thing the finding still remains valid. only the appendix got mixed up. (darn that VLOOKUP!)

i havent finished doing work for that client yet, and here comes another client meeting. now with another manager. how do i describe that meeting??? it was absolutely terrible!!! she said things that was demoralizing and was not necessary... good thing i only had a few findings (and my findings were at the end of the 20+ paged report) so i was hit the least... but my teammates, well, they crashed and burned! wah!!! that manager is really something!! i could have sworn she's a spawn of the demon himself! never again. im soo glad i dont have to work with her EVER AGAIN.

then another client. (my supposedly only client at the moment) my manager kept questioning the parameters i gave the client to extract the journal entries from sap... so eventually he asked me to ask the financial auditors. which i did... i asked the same question my manager asked me. and you know what that stupid financial auditor answered "is this a trick question or is there something i am missing here" talk about rude!!!! heller?!!! i dont even know the guy. we had only exchanged a couple of emails and he answers me with that! F*ck you man!!! stupid stupid! but im still a professional auditor so i ignored his comment and answered briefly. grr... eventually he gave me the answer i wanted to hear. argh!

so anyway, after this hellish day, im so glad that i was able to cap it off with a dinner with some of the closest friends from office. they even gave us a short video as a going away present. i am so deeply touched. i kinda remember last year's going away present from ian and the gang (the one where they asked the security guard to "apprehend" me and take me to jail) no i wasnt taken to jail but that was what the security head told me they would do! ian tlaga!!!

hahaha. it's always great to realize that even if i have the worst day, i still have friends i can count on and that i can still laugh and carry on with my life.

sigh. i guess that's part of my life as an auditor.

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