Wednesday, September 27, 2006

update on wedding preps...

okay... timeout muna from the daily recollections. for those who are interested, im posting our wedding updates... la lang... hehe. :D

i met with some of my wedding suppliers when i went back last September. I met with Veluz and actually had my measurements taken na (oh no! diet na dapat. di na pwede lamon. hehe). I also met with Mimi & Karl and Threelogy (although si Jon lang nameet ko.) Oh! I also met for the first time, in person, my oh-so-wonderful coordinator, Clarice. hehe ang chika chika nya. Sarap kasama!

I had so much fun that day... each one of my suppliers is really easy to deal with. Nonstop tawanan nung nandun kami kay Veluz. Kwentuhan naman kina Mimi and Karl. Jon is also very accomodating. Nakakataw nga kasi we actually went there to meet with Threelogy lang, kasi nakasign na kami ng contract. :) So nag pa aircon lang tlaga kami. hahaha!

anyway, here are our supplier list and status. :) yes, yes, i am an early bird... inaamin ko na. oo na. hahaha! but according to mimi, someone beat my record na (see? see?) hahaha

church: Shrine of Jesus, Macapagal Blvd - downpayment paid

reception: 1Esplanade, Macapagal Blvd - downpayment paid
Esplanade is actually being constructed pa lang. i think it will open end of this year. we just took the risk and hoping that the place will turn out great. :)

caterer: Josiah's - downpayment paid
since love ni clarice ang josiah's, love na rin namin eto. :) hahaha... we got sorrento chairs and the free dessert buffet! yum... will have food tasting this october siguro since lui and i are going to manila. :D excited. yum yum (ay diet nga pala)

cake: alex franco - no downpayment needed. reservation made
cant wait to try alex's cake!

photo: Fotogra / Mimi & Karl - downpayment paid

video: Threelogy - downpayment paid (you may also want to visit their blog. :) im a constant lurker there. hehe..

gown: Veluz - downpayment paid

coordinator: An Event to Remember - downpayment paid

hmm.. am i missing anyone? so far, that's what i can remember. oh!!! i was able to persuade my lovely sis to sponsor Charlie's Pritchon on our wedding day! (halata bang matakaw? hehehe)

for hair and makeup, will have THMU in october with either madge or angie & ogie. exciting din to.

so there, till here muna. :)

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