Friday, September 29, 2006

Search Google.

obviously, im procrastinating... im so tired of working that i'm apparently doing anything that i can do in the web... so, afterawhile, i decided to google my name! :)

i always see it in movies, or read it in books - if you want to know who a person really is, google him (her)! so out of curiousity, i decided to try it out. :) maybe i'll find out something about me there. ;)

first i googled: candy chu. turns out, there are a lot of candy chus' in the entire world! and to think people keep asking me what my real name is... it always happens in the philippines, whenever i say my name, people would ask "candy what?" think that candy is just my nickname or something! ngek. it's candy. just candy. no second name. thank you very much.

so no juicy stuff there, i decided to try out: Chu, Candy CPA. and tada!!! there is me! :) i saw the news article that was written for my batch of CPA passers. shucks! i've really come a long way since then... im feeling nostalgic tuloy.

that article brought a lot of memories for me... syempre i wont forget the traumatic event during the night when the results came out!

let's take a trip down memory lane shall we ~~~

may 20, 2003 (i hope i remember the date correctly) - i came from glorietta with my friend Jean. We were trying to forget that tonight is the night when the results will come out. After we went shopping, I headed to the gym.

I promised myself that whatever happens, I will never ever go to PRC to check my results. NEVER. I'll just wait for people to tell me if i passed or failed. Or I'll just wait for the newspaper tomorrow morning. That's it. There's no way people will change my mind. period.

Anyway, back at the gym, while trying to work out the stress im feeling, i suddenly began to palpitate! I slowly went to my sister and tapped her... "Sis, tara na. Hindi ko na kaya. Let's go to PRC na."

So, we went... We waited and waited... The results were not posted yet, so we waited. Suddenly, people started leaving! It turns out, the results were distributed to the different review centers... OMG! This is it!!!

We headed to CRC (beside UE) and I went up the long stairs. I was trembling. "God help me." I went to the CRC office, and there I saw my review mates from DLSU and the Beda boys... Some were shaking their head, some were smiling and laughing like crazy... "It's time. God help me"

I went to the lady behind the desk. I quietly told her. "Chu, Candy po." She looked at me sympatheticly and shooked her head "Sorry. wala e." So to cover the embarrassment I felt, I asked for my friend's name. She passed. I didn't. I borrowed the list and tried to see my blockmates' names. A lot of them passed...

Before, when we were on our way to PRC, i told my sister that I'm okay with not passing. I'm ready if ever that's what is in store for me. I will accept it and will just take the exam again.

So as i went downstairs to our car, that's what keeps rushing through my mind "okay lang candy, okay lang. may next time pa."

But when I got in the car, my sister looked at me. No need for words. No question was asked. I just shook my head and cried! As in I bawled over. I cried my heart out... I kept crying and crying... I couldn't help it... I failed... It hurts.

My sister, who couldn't believe I failed went up and asked. Still the same answer... Chu, Candy was not in the list. :(

After crying for about 15 minutes, I suddenly had a thought! Hold on a minute!!! Chua, Charlemagne was not on that list! That cannot be! There's something wrong...

I rushed back to the room, and pushed my way amongst the Beda boys just to get hold of the list again... "please Lord please..." Page 1... Page 2... Page 3... Page 5... Page.. huh?! Sh*t!!!!!!!!! Kulang ng page!

Yes... kulang po ng page ang listahan na sinend ng PRC sa review center namin. And what a coincidence, yung page pa na maaaring maglaman ng pangalan ko! The spice boys (or mga tauhan ni mrs. casino) saw me and asked "ano ma'am? pasado?" "Manong naman!!! Kulang po yung page!" And without waiting for his answer, i rushed downstairs, i flew down the stairs literally!

When my sis found out, she called and asked her friend where her review center was. We went to Roque Center, they dont give out results to non-Roque reviewees. Selfish!!! So we went to CPAR next... Oh no... most of my blockmates are from CPAR (in front of UST). if my name is not on that list... Wah!

So i asked my sister to go and take a look. I was waiting in the car and I could see people crying, people laughing. It was driving me insane! I cried and cried and cried until i felt like i couldn't cry anymore... I was a nervous wreck. I felt like i might explode any time!

Finally, my sister came down... She crossed the street, opened the car door and sat down... "Well?" She just shook her head... "Oh no..." I was about to start my tirade when she suddenly jumped and jumped and jumped!!!

"You passed sis! You did it!!! Im so proud of you."

OMG! I passed. I did it... I cried a whole lot more... Called my mom, who cried as well. Everyone was crying! Me, my sis, my mom, my grandma! Candy passed her CPA board exam!!!


Grabe no? Pwede na pang telenobela. I dont think i'll ever forget that night for the rest of my life. I'll share the story with my kids, my grandkids and my grand grandkids!

It's just so funny how things like that always happen to me. hahaha! But I have always believed that God meant for me to be an auditor, who am I to go against his will right? and look at me now. Im an international auditor! Im not just a Certified Public Accountant, but a Certified Information Systems Auditor as well. :D God is really good. :D

here is the link. DLSU got the highest passing rate that year. I dont think they've been able to get 80% passing since then... >>>

btw... found out later on that Chua, Charlemagne didnt take the exam that time... hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm... yup! funny talaga nangyari... hehe... after Candy passed the CPA exam nilibre nya yung friend ng sis nya... and guess what??? di pa kami that time.. but included me dun... hehe anyways... just wanna say thanks that day... i never expected you to be a part of my life back then... but right now i'm very proud that i have a beautiful and a CPA soon to be wife... mwah! Thanks God... Love u candy >>>> Lui