Tuesday, September 26, 2006

THE other week...

Day 8: Today, we're travelling to Bangkok for a 2-day stay. We arrived around 9pm BKK time. We headed straight to the hotel and checked-in. My first thought when I saw my room was, OMG! As in OMG!!! ang ganda ganda! i thought crowne plaza was amazing, but Four Seasons Hotel is another league altogether man! As in... AWE!!!! o_o hehe. Well, for US$145++ per night, it SHOULD be that great no! Anyway, my Indian friend living in Singapore, my Vietnamese client who grew up in Illinois and I went out for a late dinner. Grabe hirap magEnglish kapag antok ka na ha. hehe..

Day 9: And the race begins. Grabe W-O-R-K. As in W-O-R-K. Grabe talagang WWWWOOOORRRKKK!!!! hahaha.. can you imagine we spent the whole day interviewing people, conducting workshops, talking, listening, writing, listening listening and listening some more? i was soo tired. I've never had a consulting project before. Usually, I was on the other side, auditing the system and just looking for mistakes. But now, we're looking for mistakes and actually have to find solutions! exciting work really but very tiring nonetheless.

Day 10: One word... COUP D' ETAT. That's what greeted all of us when we woke up that day! Everyone in our team was in utter panic... It was like the end of the world or something... Heller! kudeta lang yan no! But then, I realized, from a person coming from a country where kus are just like any other regular social event, this would seem pretty normal. but for these people (an Indian/Singaporean, a Vietnamese/American, a Thailander/Thailander and a Malaysian/Malaysian) a coup is a verrrryy serious thing. oh well, sige na nga. Martial Law naman daw. okay fine. :) hehe... so anyway, we went back to Malaysia on an earlier flight... Changing tickets was so hassle. Good thing we went to the airport way early.. becoz at the time we finally settled our changed tickets, it was time for boarding! grabe tlaga...

Okay i think i have to cut this short. it's already 11:34, i still have to send a report to my Malaysian boss. and then get up early tom morning. :( just a few more days and im back to singapore!!! yes!!!

btw, i just want to add, being in this project is a very unique experience that i'll never ever forget for the rest of my life. our team is an international team, or should i say United Nations team. :) The project is SAP post-implementation review. and well, it doesnt hurt that the people im working with is really really good with SAP. i am learning a lot and i am actually getting inspired to learn more... hmmm... will have to decide on that. The senior manager i am currently working with is telling me i should switch career path, from audit to consulting. i might consider that. we'll see.

good night!

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