Sunday, September 24, 2006

day 3 and beyond... :D

i know i said im going to do a daily update. but the past few days (or weeks) had been insane! i've been to three countries in one week. rode the plane six times in 5 days!!!

anyway, since i want to stay true to the theme i started, i'll try to write bits and pieces of each day... hihi

day 3: my SM's final night here in Malaysia. wah! ill be all alone in Malaysia from tomorrow onwards! what to do??? anyway, we went to this IT mall near imbi station to buy his favorite... pirated CDs! hahaha. he said if singapore wont sell it, then go to malaysia and buy! haha. too bad i just bought my prisonbreak, house, friends, csi, and all other series in davao! havent even able to watch all of them yet! hihi..

day 4: my first day all alone in malaysia... usual routine. the other day, i saw a TGI Friday's near our hotel so for dinner, i walked there. grabe... super loser ang dating ko. i was the only one in the place who was eating by herself! argh!!! pathetic. i had the fridays burger. yuck dont like it. i just ended up finishing the fries and half of the burger. ack!

day 5: argh! argh! argh! i was trying to finish up everything before we leave for bangkok on Monday so i ended up staying late at the client's office.... around 8pm, i finally went down just to discover that it was raining! damn!!! now im soaking wet and my umbrella is sitting pretty in my hotel room... stupid decision. i was actually contemplating on bringing the thing that morning. but my katamaran/ stupidity won and so now, im wet and cold and hungry! the worst thing about this day is... i can't get any cab to bring me back to the hotel. all of them were saying "sorry, im not going that way" or "sorry too traffic" what i did in the end is i just got on the cab and told the taxi driver "please bring me anywhere near the monorail or to any mall so i can have my dinner" luckily she was going to pick up her kid near the imbi station so i told her to just bring me there... Gahd!!! i was soooo pissed!!! people can be inconsiderate! cant they see i was soaking wet? and they didnt even pity me, all alone, standing at the side of the street, trying my luck at hailing a cab. hay... that never happened in singapore. :(

day 6: i woke up realizing that i did something wrong in my work! i woke up with a hundred different ideas that i wasnt able to do previously. so i went down for a quick lunch, i came back around 12pm and never left my hotel room since then... wah! there was so many things to do that the only time i stood up was to go pee. i didnt even had time to stretch or get dinner! i ordered room service for crying out loud!!! i finally went to sleep at the wee hours of 2am.

day 7: i had late breakfast. and started working soon after that... again, i woke up realizing i did something wrong. argh!!! good thing this time was much better. i finished my work around 8pm and walked to klcc... (petronas tower / twin tower for most). i took some beautiful pics on the way, i may say so myself! haha i took those pics while trying to balance my umbrella in my neck, holding my camera in one hand, and holding my purse in the other... haha it's amazing the picture turned out great. hahaha! will post some pics next time. didnt bring my cable with me...

i love looking at petronas from my bedroom window. it looks like a very happening place. but when you get there, you realize that it's just a mall. albeit a posh mall, still a mall nonetheless. hay... kakalungkot. hehe im not here for shopping kasi so i cant enjoy the place much... i just go there to eat and then scram... i dont want to hang around longer because ill end up spending money that i currently dont have. :(

okay till here muna. next blog, my one week hell week. preview: kl-bk-kl-jk-kl!!! argh!

btw, my baby gabby just celebrated her first birthday! too bad i wasnt there with her to celebrate. but my mom said they gave her a cake... cute no? (sorry for the blurred pics. pasmado na kamay ni mama! hehe)

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