Saturday, September 16, 2006

day 2...

DAY 2: tonight, my manager left me to have dinner with his friends. he didnt even tell me where the heck should i go to! i was really pondering on getting room service (hmph! will serve him right if i get a $30 meal!) but i was feeling a bit adventurous...

so i headed out to the monorail in front of Crowne Plaza, went to the ticket booth to buy ticket and then... uhmmm... where am i going?

i was expecting to see landmarks in the train station diagram but all i can see is raja chulan, imbi, etc etc, how the heck will i know where that goes?? isnt there any train diagram which will say "to food", "to mall", "to theatre" huh??? hmph! not very tourist friendly! hahaha...

so i called up my malaysian friend and asked her where to go... found out that im supposed to go to the next station. bukit bintang.

being the adventurous me, i decided to eat somewhere ive never eaten before... really adventurous right? i decided to eat at... DOME. hehehe. well! so what if they have it in the phils and in sing? i havent eaten there before! so that counts as adventurous! hahaha

wanted to go for a short walk... but got a bit coward and decided to head back. hehe

so much for being adventurous eh?

end of day 2

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